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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Wand & How to Customize it



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Wand & How to Customize it

Players will get to explore the Wizarding World in the Hogwarts Legacy and get to cast all kinds of spells in the game. However, to cast the spells, players will have to get a Wand for their character which is one of the very important items in the game. Just like the original book series, your character can only have his one personal wand and you will get to select the Wand for your character when you make your way to Hogsmeade.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and customize the Wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get the Wand for your Character in Hogwarts Legacy

In the first couple of hours of the game, players’ characters will not have their own wand so, on the very first day in Hogwarts, Professor Weasley will tell you to complete all the classes and extra Assignments to go out in Hogsmeade to get your Wand. Players will have to complete the Charms Class, Defence Against the Dark Arts Class, and an extra assignment for Professor Ronen.

Once players have done all the required quests, they will get to go out with one of their classmates to Hogsmeade to get a new wand. You need to simply follow your classmate to go outside of Hogwarts and make your way to Hogsmeade Village.

Once you have made it to the Village, you need to go inside the Shop called “Ollivanders”. This shop can also be seen on the map with an icon of Wand. It’ll be on your left side when you enter the Hogsmeade Village. Go inside the Wand and go through the cutscene and then you will get to select your Wand.

Make sure to choose the Wand carefully because you will not be able to change the wand in the game again. You will have to complete your playthrough with the Wand you selected. In order to change the wand, you will have to create another character and then you will be able to equip a different wand for that character.

How to Customize the Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

The Customization of a Wand is similar to the customization of your character. Meaning, you will not be able to change the customization of your wand once you have confirmed it. You will only get to customize it again in another playthrough.

Players will get to customize their wand once they have made their way to “Ollivanders” in Hogsmeade. After the cutscene, when they get to select the wand for their character, they will have to change through different styles and colors to select a wand for their character. This phase is the customization of the wand and you can customize it according to your liking. The customization options of the Wand are the following.

  • Finalize Wand
  • Wand Style
  • Wood Type
  • Wand Core Options
How to Customize the Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Finalize Wand

The first option will be Finalize Wand and in this section, you will be presented with a Wand that the game has chosen for you. You can simply accept it to purchase the wand and it will become your character’s wand. But if you want to change the wand then you can certainly do that as well.

Wand Style

Change the Tab to go into the Wood Style and you will get to select a Wand Style from the 8 different styles. Each style has three different Variations which are the color of the wand style. You can check all of them and select the one you like the most.

Wood Type

Go to the next tab to select the Wood Type for your wand. You can change through different wood types by selecting the points on the bar. You can also set the Length and Flexibility of your wand. Change through the points on the bars to set the Length and Flexibility of your wand.

Wand Core Options

The Wand Core Options is one of the important options because it will let you cast the spells in different ways. There are three different Wand Cores from which you can select one.

  • Dragon Heartstring
  • Unicorn Hair
  • Phoenix Feather

Dragon Heartstring is known for producing Powerful Magic.
Unicorn Hair is known for producing Consistent Magic.
Phoenix Feather is capable of producing a great range of magic.

After selecting the options for your wand, you need to go to the Finalize Wand tab and accept it to buy the wand and it will become your character’s wand for the complete playthrough of Hogwarts Legacy.

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