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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Complete Niamh Fitzgerald Trial (Third Trial)



Niamh Fitzgerald Keeper

Niamh Fitzgerald is one of the Keepers who have been keeping safe the Ancient Magic from Wrong Hands. After completing Charles Rookwood’s Trial, you will unlock the portrait of Niamh Fitzgerald. You will have to do more progress in the main story of the game before Niamh Fitzgerald will tell you the location of the trial that she prepared.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Niamh Fitzgerald Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

Location of Niamh Fitzgerald Trial

After you have unlocked the main quest of third trial, you will get to talk to Niamh Fitzgerald and she will tell you that the third trial’s entrance is inside Hogwarts. She will tell you to make your way to the Headmaster’s Office to find the entrance. After that, you will have to go to Professor Fig and then make your way to Headmaster’s Office. Once you have made your way to Headmaster’s Office, you will have to find the Book. Go up the stairs and you will find the book on the Pedestal.

Book in headmaster's office

Interact with it to go inside the Book to start the Third Trial.

Completing Niamh Fitzgerald Trial

In the Trial, you will have to find Niamh Fitzgerald Structure to see her memories but you will have to find three different tools before you get to her. At the start, you will not be able to use your wand nor use any kind of spell as you go ahead in the Town, you will see Death coming to town and spawning many Death Shadows. You will have to go through the town without being seen by the shadows.

Use the boxes and walls as the cover and pass the shadows. You will have to note down their movement and pass between them when they are facing the other way. They will not be able to see you if you are in a safe distance from them.

Death in the Third Trial

Once you have seen the Death again, you will have to go ahead and climb the ladder to get to the roof. After that, make your way ahead and go behind the boxes and make your way through the alley. As you go ahead, you will see a lot of shadows ahead and you will have to come back and a door will open. Go through the door and go up through the stairs. Let the shadows move and then go ahead.

As you come down from the next house, you will see a Mysterious Cloak in front. It is your first Tool that you will be using to get past the Death. Mysterious Cloak will make you invisible and you will be able to pass through the shadows.

Mysterious Cloak

After obtaining the cloak, you need to follow the path and go between the shadows to reach another platform. Once you are there, you will see a wand in front. It will be your second tool so go ahead to pick up the Mysterious Wand. You will only be able to use the spells that are in the Spell Diamond. You cannot configure other spells. Now, go ahead by using Bombarda on the wall in front.

You will get to defeat the Shadows with the wand and Death will put different shadows to take you down so, you will have to clear all of them before going ahead. Once you have taken out all the enemies put out by Death, you will need to go to the next platform. Now, you will see a Mysterious Stone.

Mysterious Stone

Pick up the Stone and go through the graveyard to find Niamh Fitzgerald. She will be laying on a coffin and you need to interact with her. After that, she will take you to her structure where you will be able to view her memories. After that, the Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial will be completed and you will return to the Map Chamber.

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