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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Complete San Bakar’s Trial (Final Trial)



San Bakar's Trial

San Bakar is the last member of the Keepers and you will get to meet him in his portrait after completing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial. You will have to progress ahead in the game to unlock San Bakar’s Trial and you should be level 24 at this time. Once you have unlocked it, San Bakar will tell you the location of the Final Trial.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete San Bakar’s Trial in Hogwarts Legacy.

San Bakar’s Trial – Location

After unlocking the final trial quest, you need to go to the Map Chamber in Hogwarts to talk to San Bakar. He will tell you the location of the trial which is in Cragcroft Shore. It is on the Southeast of the world map. Go to the location to meet with Professor Fig. You will have to find the entrance to the trial by using Revelio. You will see a lot of leaves covering a Sculpture. Use Incendio or Confringo Spell on the leaves to reveal the Sculpture.

Graphorn Sculpture

Completing San Bakar’s Trial

After revealing the sculpture, you will see a face of Graphorn. Talk to Professor Fig and he will tell you that the way forward will might only opened by Graphorn. He will tell you the location where you will be able to find a Graphorn. Now, you need to go to the location and bring Graphorn to the trial’s location to open the way ahead.

Graphorn’s location is further Southeast. Follow the path on the map to reach the location and once you are there, you will find Graphorn. Before you get to take it to the site, you will have to defeat it. Graphorn has two HP bars and a lot of slashing attacks. You can use the damaging spells to deplete its HP but you will not be able to use the Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra.

Once you have depleted both of its HP bars, you will get two option on the screen. You can either Attack or Kneel in front of it. You need to select the “Kneel” option to tame Graphorn. After doing that, you will be able to ride Graphorn and take it to the Trial’s Site. Follow the path on the map to reach the Trial’s Site and once you are there, you need to stand the marking on the ground until the markings fully light up.

Option to Get Graphorn

It will open the pathway in front and now, you can get off of Graphorn. Hold down the B button to store Graphorn in your Nab-Sack bag. Now, go through the open door in front to reach San Bakar’s Pensieve Memory. Interact with it to view the memory and after that, go to the magical passageway to get back to Map Chamber.

Talk to the Keepers to conclude the Last Trial.

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