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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Graphorn Mount



Graphorn Mount

Hogwarts Legacy’s World Map is pretty big and there are a lot of areas to discover and explore other than the main story questline. Exploring the area for the first time can be time taking as there is no FLOO FLAME discovered but there are multiple ways to cover the world map quickly. One of the ways to get around the map quickly is by using the Ground Mount that has only a beast named “Graphorn”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy.

Ground Mount

Ground Mount is one of the other ways to quickly get around the map without walking for miles in an undiscovered area. Flying on a Broom or using the Flying Mounts are one of the earlier ways in the game to get to the new areas. As you reach the end of the game, you will get to unlock the Ground Mount which will let you ride the Ground Beast and explore the world map by riding them. However, Hogwarts Legacy has only one Ground Beast that will be able to take you around the world and that is Graphorn, the Lord of the Shore.

Getting Graphorn Mount

Graphorn Mount can only be obtained at the end of the game during San Bakar’s Trial, the final trial of the Keepers. You will have to go to the South Clagmare Coast to find the Graphorn. After finding Graphorn, you will have to defeat the Graphorn in order to tame it. It has two HP Bars and by depleting both of them, you will get the option to Kneel or Attack. You can choose either of them but the better option is to Kneel and it will unlock Graphorn as your Mount.

Unlocck Graphorn

After that, you will have to complete the trial and then you will be able to put Graphorn in your Nab-Sack Bag by holding down the B Button. You can call Ground Mount by holding down the TAB key and then pressing the 1 key on keyboard. Graphorn is great for taking out the enemies as well because it has a launch attack where it will mash the enemies by running into them. You will have to just hold the Left-Click button to do the attack.

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