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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Solomon Sallow



Solomon Sallow

Solomon Sallow is one of the side quests boss and he is also the Uncle of an NPC named “Sebastian Sallow”. Players will encounter Solomon Sallow in the questline of Sebastian Sallow. If you progress through the questline of Sebastian Sallow, you will get a quest named “In the Shadow of the Relic” in which Sebastian will bring her sister Anne to Catacomb to cure her pain. During this quest, players will get to fight Solomon Sallow to stop him.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Solomon Sallow in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defeating Solomon Sallow

Solomon Sallow will appear when you have made your way to Sebastian in the Catacombs. During the conversation, Solomon will take the Relic from Sebastian and destroy it which will let Inferi (Enemies) attack all of the characters. After the cutscene, the boss fight will start.

You will have to fight Solomon Sallow along with Inferi who will be respawning throughout the whole fight. Solomon Sallow has a total of Three HP Bars but the move set of Solomon Sallow remains the same. It is a pretty straight forward fight but Inferi will make it hard for you because they will keep on spawning. Now, the spells that you can use in this fight are Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda, and Crucio. All of these will be able to take out Solomon Sallow quickly and Incendio/Confringo will be able to take out Inferi.

Attacking Solomon Sallow

You need to focus on Solomon Sallow to deplete his HP Bars and make sure to dodge and use Protego whenever Inferi is close or Solomon is about to attack you. Another great approach is take out Inferi to build up your Ancient Magic Bar and when it is charged, use it on Solomon to deal great magic. You can use Crucio on Solomon to deal damage to him overtime and then hit him with Confringo and Bombarda to deal additional damage.

The fight will not take long as he does not have that much health and Sebastian will also be doing a minor damage to Solomon. Once you have depleted Solomon Sallow HP, a cutscene will start and Sebastian will end up killing his own Uncle.  

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