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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Ranrok




Ranrok is the main villain protagonist of Hogwarts Legacy who is after the great power that Isidora Morganach has left behind. You will encounter Ranrok throughout the game in different points but you will get to fight with him only at the end of the game by finding the location of the Final Repository.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Ranrok in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defeating Ranrok

Ranrok will appear in the Repository as your character will be talking to Professor Fig and he will cast a spell at the structure that is holding the power. It will unleash the power and Ranrok will consume it and turn into a Dragon. After the cutscene, the boss fight with Ranrok will start. Now before you get to attack Ranrok, you must know the technique to defeat Ranrok.

Ranrok boss fight has a total of Three Phases due to his Three HP Bars. Ranrok will be invincible at the start of each phase due to the traces of magic. You will have to destroy the traces of magic to stop the protection on dragon and then you will be able to deal damage to Ranrok. Now, traces of magic will be of the following colors in the fight.

  1. Purple
  2. Red
  3. Yellow
Spells to use in Ranrok fight

You need to hit the traces of magic with the same color of spell to destroy them. Meaning, if you see a Purple Orb that is protecting the dragon, you need to hit the Purple Orb with Accio or Depulso, or any other Spell that has a Purple Color. To make the fight easy, you can make the Spell Diamonds of each spell color and then change the spell diamond to destroy the required traces of magic.

1st Phase

In the first phase of Ranrok boss fight, he will be protected with a Purple traces of magic. Use any purple spell to destroy the traces and then the HP Bar of Ranrok will be shown on the screen. Ranrok will shoot fireballs as well as breath fire on you which you can dodge easily. Fireballs can be blocked with protego so keep an eye on the screen to dodge his attacks. Other than that, you need to cast damage spells on him to deal damage to him.

destroying traces of magic

NOTE: If you use Avada Kedavra on Ranrok, he will not take any damage. You can only use CRUCIO Curse on Ranrok to deal damage to him.

Hit Ranrok with the damage spells to deal damage and if your Ancient Magic bar is charged then use it to deal great damage to him.

2nd Phase

After depleting the first bar of Ranrok, go to the opened path to follow Ranrok and you will reach the next location of fight. You will have to destroy the Purple traces of magic as well as Red traces of magic to remove the protection of Ranrok. After that, you need to just use damage spells to deal damage to Ranrok. His attacks will remain the same in the second phase so dodge the fire and block the fireballs.

3rd Phase

After depleting the second HP bar of Ranrok, you need to follow him and go down the final fight location. Here you will get to destroy all three traces of magic. Yellow, Purple, and Red. Destroy them one by one to reveal the last HP of Ranrok.

In this phase, Ranrok will have some additional moves. One of the moves is AOE attack which he will do after closing his wings. When you see him closing his Wings, get back to a safe distance where you don’t get hit by the ground effect. After that, you need to get close to him to deal further damage to him. Once you have depleted a quarter of damage, Ranrok will stop flying and come to the ground. You will have to break the traces of magic again to reveal his HP.

fighting Ranrok Dragon

After breaking all the traces, you will be able to deal damage to Ranrok. Make sure to dodge and block the attacks to keep going and if you are low on HP then use healing potions to heal. Once you have depleted all of his HP, you will get to break the traces of magic again and then a cutscene will start in which Ranrok will be killed by you.

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