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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get All Endings



All Endings

Hogwarts Legacy has more than one ending and the ending will be decided by none other than the players themselves. Hogwarts Legacy allows players to make choices in all the major points in the game and at one of these points, players will be able to decide which ending that they want to have.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how many endings are there in Hogwarts Legacy and how you can get them.

All Endings in Hogwarts Legacy

There are three endings in total to Hogwarts Legacy. The endings are the following.

  1. Good Ending
  2. Bad Ending
  3. True Ending

The first two endings of the game are totally dependent on the players because the game will let players decide what they want to do. Choosing the certain action will turn out the specific ending.

How to Get Good Ending

Once the players have reached the final main quest “The Final Repository” of the game, they will get to have a conversation with Professor Fig before get to fight Ranrok. During this conversation, you need to select the following dialogues to trigger the Good Ending to Hogwarts Legacy.

  • First Dialogue: “I intend to keep it contained here”
  • Second Dialogue: “I shall keep it a secret forever”
Good Ending

By selecting these dialogues, Professor Fig will admire you and you will become one of the Keeper who will seal the Ancient Magic again.

How to Get Bad Ending

During the conversation with professor Fig in “The Final Repository” quest before the fight with Ranrok, you need to select the following two dialogues to trigger the Bad Ending to Hogwarts Legacy.

  • First Dialogue: “I intend to open it”
  • Second Dialogue: “This power should not be kept from the world”
Bad Ending

By selecting these dialogues, Professor Fig will get worried and you will wield the Ancient Magic Power after defeating Ranrok.

How to Get True Ending

True Ending will only trigger after you have won the House Cup. It will be available after defeating Ranrok and then completing the Post Game quests, and reaching the required Level which is 34. By accomplishing all the requirements, you will win the House Cup and Headmaster Black will announce you as the Winner triggering the True Ending.

Post-Game Quests: You only have to talk to Professor Weasley in the Transfiguration Classroom to complete the Watchful Eye.

Reach Level 34: Level up your character by doing challenges, Side quests, Relationship Quests, or going to the battle arena.

Clear the House Cup: By accomplishing all the requirements, you only have to go to the last quest in the Great Hall and you will win the House Cup. It will trigger the true ending and end credits of the game will roll.

True Ending

Now, players can get the True ending in both ways. It does not matter if the players have done the Bad Ending or Good Ending. By winning the House Cup, it will trigger the True Ending for all the players.

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