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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Avada Kedavra Unforgivable Curse



Avada Kedavra

The most powerful and deadly spell in all of the Wizarding World is “Avada Kedavra”, the Killing Curse. It is one of the Unforgivable Curses that players will be able to learn if they follow to complete the questline of an NPC named “Sebastian Sallow”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy.

Complete In the Shadow of the Relic

Sebastian Sallow is looking for a cure for his sister named ANNE and after finding the Relic in the Catacombs, he will learn that he will be able to use the Relic to cure his sister. This quest will take place at the end-game and if you have been following his questline then you will get this quest before completing the last trial of the game.

You will meet with Ominis Gaunt and then go inside the Catacomb to look for Sebastian. You will have to clear the catacomb with Inferi. You need to go through the opened skull door and go ahead to see Sebastian. You will have to use Accio to pull out hooks to reveal bones. Now, use Wingardium Leviosa on the bones and place them in the middle of the room to create stairs.

Now, go up to Sebastian to talk with him. A cutscene will start in which Sebastian’s Uncle will come and try to stop Sebastian. You will have to clear Inferi as well as stop his uncle, Solomon Sallow. After clearing the enemies and depleting the HP of Solomon Sallow, a cutscene will start in which Sebastian will use the Killing Curse on his Uncle.

Getting Avada Kedavra

After that, you need to follow Sebastian outside the Catacombs and talk to him. Now, you need to select the following dialogues to learn Avada Kedavra.

  • Everyone should know that curse.
  • Yes Please.
Choice to Get Avada Kedavra

By selecting these dialogues, Sebastian will teach you Avada Kedavra, the Killing Curse. After learning the spell, you will be able to use it on your enemies. It is the most powerful spell as it straight kills the enemy.

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