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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Crucio Unforgivable Curse



Hogwarts Legacy has different types of Spells in the game that are used in different scenarios and players will get to learn these spells as they complete Main Quests and Assignments throughout the game. However, those quests will only give you the spells that are legal in the Wizarding World. Now, other than those spells, the Dark Magic Spells can also be learned but players will have to do some specific quests for them. The first Dark Magic Spell that players can learn is Crucio.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Crucio Unforgivable Curse in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing In the Shadow of the Study

Crucio can only be learned if you unlock the quest named “In the Shadow of the Study”. It will be available after you have talked with Sebastian and Ominis later in the game. You will get this quest once Sebastian has sent you the Owl. Go to the location to start the quest and then you will get to talk with Ominis. You will have to convince Ominis to tell you about the Dark Magic. After that, you will get to open a secret doorway.

Use Revelio to reveal three braziers then you need to stand in the corner where you can see all three of them and then you need to use the “Confringo” spell one by one on each brazier. It will unlock the secret doorway. Go down the stairs and then use Repairo to repair a broken sledge. After that, Ominis will open the next door and you will get to open a couple of doors.

Now, the general idea to open these doors is to match the icons on the Door with the Snake mechanism near the door. You will get to move two mechanisms with different symbols and you need to match them with the symbols on the door. Once you have matched them, the door will open. You need to go ahead the path by opening the doors and then you will reach a door with “Crucio” written on the floor. It is the cursed room and it is where you will get to learn Crucio.

Snake Door

Now in order to learn Crucio, you will have to talk to Sebastian and select the option to cast Crucio on Sebastian. By doing this, Sebastian will teach you Crucio Spell and then you will use Crucio on him. It will open the door in front and Sebastian will find a book of Dark Magic.

After that, you only have to get out of the room and you will come out in front of the Slytherin Common Room. Now, Crucio Unforgivable Curse will be unlocked for you and you can equip it in your Spell Diamond. It is used to give Pain to the enemies and slowly deals damage to the enemy overtime.

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