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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Unlock Lock II & Lock III



While exploring Hogwarts and outside of Hogwarts, you will see many different doors locked with different tiers of Lock. These Locks require a special essential Spell named “Alohomora”. If you have unlocked this spell then you will be able to unlock Lock I by using this spell. However, Lock II & Lock III requires a stronger spell to unlock them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Lock II & Lock III in Hogwarts Legacy.

Requirement to Unlock Lock II & Lock III

By learning Alohomora Spell, you will only be able to unlock the Level 1 lock by interacting with them. The Alohomora spell is not stronger enough to unlock the other two tiers of locks unless you learn a stronger version of Alohomora. Now, Alohomora is a spell that also has three tiers. Alohomora that you learned in the main quest named “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament” by an NPC named “Gladwin Moon” is Alohomora I.

In order to unlock Lock II & Lock III, you will have to learn “Alohomora II” and “Alohomora III” which are also taught by the same NPC that taught you the first one. After learning Alohomora for the first time, you will see Gladwin Moon’s side quest in your Quest Tab in the menu. If you activate it, you will see that you will have to give more Moons to Gladwin Moon to learn the stronger version of Alohomora.

the man behind the moons quest

How to Steal Moon from Demiguise Statues

Demiguise Statues can be found in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and Highlands. Players can steal the Moon from the statues by interacting with them but it has to be done in the nighttime. If players go near a Demiguise statue in the daytime, they will not get the option to steal the moon. If you are near a Demiguise and it is daytime then you can open the map and click on your character location to change the time to night time. By doing that, you will be able to get the moon from the statue.

stealing moon from demiguise statue

Get Alohomora II & Alohomora III

If you talk to Gladwin Moon again after getting Alohomora I, he will tell you to get him some more moons and in order to get Alohomora II, you will have to give 9 Moons to Gladwin Moon. After giving him the moons, he will teach you Alohomora II which can be used to unlock Lock II locks.

After that, he will tell you to get him some more Moons and this time you will have to give him 13 Moons. After getting the moons from Demiguise Statues, give them to Gladwin Moon and he will teach you Alohomora III which will be able to unlock Lock III locks.

After learning all levels of Alohomora Spell, you will be able to unlock all types of locks and find more hidden items, chests, and puzzles.

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