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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles (Legendary)



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles (Legendary)

There are many different Gear Items in the game that players will get as they explore Hogwarts or progress through the main story of the game. The Gear items are obtained by opening the chests and defeating the enemies. One of the Legendary Gear Items that can be obtained very early in the game is Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Purple Dragon Eyed Spectacles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles

Purple Dragon–Eyed Spectacles is one of the Legendary Gear Items in the game. This item is one of the early items that can be obtained in the game because it is a Level 6 item that can be reached only by doing the starting main quests of the game. This legendary item’s stats are the following.

  • Level 6
  • Add 9 Defence Points to the stats of the Character
  • Can be Upgraded
  • Sell Value: 200 Galleons

In order to equip the Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles, players must have level 6 or higher level.

Getting Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles

The Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles can be found on top of the Bell Tower Wing in Hogwarts. All the players will have access to this area and you can see this area on the map as well. If you have discovered any Floo Flame in the Bell Tower Wing area then Fast Travel to this location and if not then, you can set it as a waypoint and follow the path on the map to get to the Bell Tower Wing.

Once you have reached the Bell Tower Wing, follow the following steps.

  • Go to the main staircase in front of the Bell Tower Wing door.
  • Now, go up from the staircase and turn left and follow the staircase.
  • You will reach the Choir Room in the Bell Tower Wing.
  • Now, you need to go up the stairs in the Choir Room to reach the top of the Bell Tower Wing area.
    Getting Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles

    Once you are on the top, you will find a big chest. The chest is not locked or you do not need any kind of spell. Just go near it and open it to get the Purple Dragon-Eyed Spectacles.

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