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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Upgrade Gear Items



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Upgrade Gear Items

Gear Items are the most important items that you will get throughout your gameplay. These are the items that will increase your character’s stats. You can only have a limited amount of them so, you will be destroying them or selling them to make space for more powerful Gear Items. However, there is a way to upgrade the Gear Items in the game. If you have a favorite Gear Item that you like to keep on your character then you probably should learn how to upgrade it to increase its bonus stats.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade gear items in Hogwarts Legacy.

Requirements For Upgrading Gear Items

Players will find many different Gear Items by opening the Chest and defeating enemies but they will not be able to upgrade the Gear Items right from the start. In order to upgrade the Gear Items, players will first need to unlock the Room of Requirement which can only be unlocked by completing a quest named “The Room of Requirement”. Once you have completed it, you will have to progress further ahead in the game to unlock the upgrading station called “The Loom”. The Loom can be unlocked in a quest named “The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom”.

Once you have unlocked the Enchanted Loom, you will be able to use the resources from the Magical Beasts to upgrade your Gear Items at the Loom.

Get Resources to Upgrade Gear Items

Before you get to use the station, make sure that you have resources for the upgrade you want to do on your Gear Items. The resources required for upgrading the Gear Items can only be obtained from specific Magical Beasts. In order to get the resources from Magical Beasts, you will have to Brush and Feed them. After that, you will get the option to interact with them which will give you a certain resource.

Get Resources to Upgrade Gear Items

After getting the resources, you will be able to upgrade your Gear Items at the Loom. You need to interact with the Loom and you will get to upgrade the Gear Items as well as add Traits to them. However, not all Gear Items have upgrade options or Trait options so, you will only see only those in the Loom which have these options.

Upgrading Gear Items

The Gear Items with the Upgrading capability can be upgraded three times in total. You will also be able to see the upgrade lines under the stats of the Gear Item. Once, you upgrade the item, a single bar will be filled and as you upgrade it three times, all of the bars of the upgrade will be filled. To upgrade the item, you can follow the following steps.

  • Access the Enchanted Loom and press the Right-Click to view the Upgrades of the particular Gear item.
  • It will show you the increased number of stats and the number of resources. Hold down the Left-Click to upgrade the Gear Item with the resources.
Upgrading Gear Items

The increased stats will be added to the original stats of the gear item and you will be able to equip it in the Gear Tab of the menu.

Adding Traits to Gear Items

Traits are different than upgrading your gear and increasing its stats but it does add specific ailments to the Gear Item that will help you deal more damage or take less damage. Traits also require resources and the higher level of trait requires more resources. Different Gear Items have different capabilities of Trait Level so, you will only be able to add the required capability of Trait to the Gear Item. Meaning, you can only add a level I trait to the gear item that has a Trait Slot Level I. If a gear item has a Trait Slot Level III, you will be able to add level I, level II, or level III to that gear item.

To add a trait to the Gear Item, follow the following steps.

  • Access the Enchanted Loom and press the F Button to view the Traits of the particular gear item.
  • Hold Down the Left-Click to Weave the Trait by consuming the number of required resources and the trait will be added to your selected gear item.
Adding Traits to Gear Items

Once the Trait is added, the effect can be gained by putting on the Gear Item from the Gear Tab in the menu.

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