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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Eye Chests



Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Eye Chests

There are many things in the Hogwarts Legacy that players can do and one of the things that players will find while exploring and roaming around Hogwarts is the Eye Chest. Eye Chests can be found in every area of the Hogwarts Map and Hogsmeade Map but players will not be able to open the chest due to getting noticed by the chest. The only way to open the chest is to get close to it without getting noticed by the Eye of the chest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Open Eye Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Opening Eye Chests

Almost all the players will have noticed the big Eye Chests in Hogwarts as well as in Hogsmeade when they started playing the game. However, players will not be able to open the Eye Chest because it would have shown the locked sign which is a bit confusing. Players will might though that they needed to find a certain key for it that is not what it requires.

The Eye Chests will notice anyone who tries to get close to them and they will lock themselves. You would have noticed that if you get close to it the eye opens and immediately shut. It is because the chest locks themselves and the simple idea of unlocking them is to not get noticed by them.

The Key will not be required for these chests but the thing that is required is a __ Disillusionment Spell. As there are many spells in the game, they have several uses out of the combat as well. Disillusionment Spell works like an Invisible Cloak but it does not completely make your character invisible it is hard to see or notice anyone if someone is using the spell. The Disillusionment Spell works perfectly on the Eye Chests and they will not be able to notice you getting close to them if you are using the spell.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Open Eye Chests

However, you do need to approach the chest by walking because if you run, they will lock themselves at the sound of your running towards them. Simply cast the Disillusionment Spell and just walk up to the Eye Chest and search it to get Gold or Useful Items.

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