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How do you get the fall Guys infallible trophy?



How do you get the fall Guys infallible trophy?

You want to get the fall Guys infallible trophy and you don’t know how? We tell you a little trick that will make unlocking it not become a recital of falls, suffering, and cries of frustration.

Fall Guys came up with a list of more or less affordable trophies. The most complicated can be obtained based on constancy and skill development, but from the beginning, there was one that scared the Platinum Hunters for its ridiculous difficulty.

Infallible, as this golden trophy is called, can only be obtained if the player wins five times in a row in Fall Guys. Given that in each game we compete against 60 other players and all sorts of random factors, the chances of achieving success on five consecutive occasions is very low.

How to get the infallible trophy in Fall Guys

This has already been noticed by many players and is that, despite the ability of the player, in Fall Guys the component “luck” comes into play many times. So how is it possible to unlock this trophy in a simpler way?

Well, like everything in this life, there is a trick that is not very well known. It has been known that the win-in-a-row counter is only reset when the player is removed from a game and receives experience points and kudos. If you do not receive them, victories are not restored.

Therefore, you can exit the game if the player sees that you can fall eliminated. This will not bring experience points and the winning streak will remain. It’s a trick of dubious ethics, but the difficulty is really high. However, you must be sure that you can win five games with relative simplicity because otherwise, you will waste a lot of time trying.

This trick is not a trap, as it does not affect other players. However, in Fall Guys, players who cheat are confined to a place called “Cheater Island”.

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