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How to build and open the Socrates Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



How to build and open the Socrates Museum in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the most desired facilities, the place where we can donate and visit all the fossils, insects and fish exposed in an extraordinary way.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. In our complete guide to the game, we are going to give you tips that can help you in your daily life on the island; especially, the first bars so that you have all the keys at the beginning. How to get the pole, the ladder … But what about the Museum?

Socrates is back: convince him (time needed: 3 days)

Socrates did not want to miss his appointment at New Horizons and, as it could not be otherwise, during the day he sleeps and at night he is fully awake. In any case, he will always be ready to examine our fossils and add everything we donate to the museum: fish, insects or fossils. Now, the first thing to do is convince him to install a store on our island.

Day 1: how to bring Socrates to your island to open the store

The method is very simple, but there are several steps to follow. The first, to install a small store; what is the embryonic project of the museum itself. We leave the steps below ( notice: you cannot get the Museum on the first day of play ).

  • Get a Cane and a Net (you can get them from day 1)
  • Fish 5 fish and hunt 5 critters
  • Talk to Tom Nook and give him this animal fauna
  • Tom Nook will then tell us about Socrates and his intention to open a museum. He will give us a museum installation kit.
  • We choose where to install the Museum, we install it and we talk to Tom Nook again.
  • The next day (we know it is a chore, but we have to wait until dawn the next day), Socrates will have arrived on the Island and will have installed the small store.

Day 2: how to convert the Socrates store into the Museum

The most important thing is to convince Socrates to turn that little store into a real museum. Quickly, this is what we have to do:

  • Make a total of 15 donations: they serve insects, fish, fossils. Never mind.
  • We can deliver the 15 donations at once or gradually.

When we have delivered the 15 donations, we will have to wait for the next day to have the Museum ready with all of the law ( Day 3 ).

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