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How to claim special clothing in Pokemon Legends: Arceus



How to claim special clothing in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Players who enjoyed Pokemon video games on Nintendo Switch will be rewarded with special clothing.

If you’ve played previous Pokemon titles for Nintendo Switch, you can unlock unique clothing for your Pokemon Legends: Arceus playthrough. The only requirement is to store a save game in the different titles, as each one will offer you a different outfit. In turn, players who reserve the title at certain specific outlets will also be awarded advantages, including special outfits.

How to get the special clothes?

After about an hour of play, you’ll be able to join Team Galaxy’s expedition. Talk to the tailor Anthe, who will take care of your clothes and give you the special clothes. No matter how much you have played the previous titles, if you have a save game, you will have your reward. Remember that if you have any questions, you can consult our guide to the expected release of Game Freak.

The clothes depend on:

  • If you pre-ordered the game on Amazon: You will receive the Garchomp Kimono.
  • If you saved a game of Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl: You will receive the Team Galaxy outfit.
  • If you saved a Sword/Shield game: You will receive the Shaymin Kimono.
  • If you saved a game of Let’s Go: You will receive a Pikachu or Eevee skin depending on the eponymous title you played.

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