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How to earn coins in Pikmin Bloom, available worldwide now



How to earn coins in Pikmin Bloom, available worldwide now

Pikmin Bloom is now available on mobile, a game that encourages us to walk around with the Pikmin to fill the world with flowers and keep fit. Here’s how the coins work and how you can earn them.

Pikmin Bloom, the new creation of Nintendo and Niantic (creators of Pokémon Go) has just been officially released in Spain, a few days after being released in advance in other regions. This game has similar points to other Niantic games, although it is more focused on one thing: encouraging us to walk.

Inspired by games for Nintendo consoles, such as Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the aim of Pikmin Bloom is to take steps, which will make Pikmin, little creatures, bloom. These will bring us fruits with which we can make nectar and grow flowers on their heads.

In turn, when we go for a walk, the Pikmin will germinate the world, causing more and more flowers to appear in the places we’ve been. Together, we can cover the whole world with flowers.

How to get coins in Pikmin Bloom

Like Pokémon Go, Pikmin Bloom is free to play. You won’t miss out on any in-game features by not paying, but players who want to buy more items or reduce waiting times can use coins.

You can earn coins by playing the game normally, by planting flowers by going for a walk with your Pikmin. The more Pikmin you have and the more flowers they have on their heads, the more seeds they will plant and flowers will grow all over the world when they go for a walk.

You can also buy Coins with real money in the shop:

  • 100 coins: 0,99 euro
  • 550 coins: 5.49 euros
  • 1,200 coins: 10.99 euro
  • 2,500 coins: ¤21.99
  • 5,200 coins: ¤ 43.99
  • 14,500 coins: ¤ 109.99

Coins are used to buy nectar to upgrade Pikmins, colored petals (which will make Pikmin plant colored flowers), and seedlings (holes needed to grow Pikmin, equivalent to Pokémon Go’s incubators), including special seedlings that go faster.

What the game doesn’t do, because that would make it pointless, is exchange coins for steps. The mechanic of the game is walking, and Pikmin Bloom acts as a Pedometer, recording the number of steps you’ve taken each day, and even the route you’ve taken through your town or city.

Therefore, Pikmin Bloom is a highly recommended app, which gamifies physical exercise, rewarding with adorable characters something as important as going for a walk every day to keep fit. Remember that Pikmin Bloom is already available in PlayStore and App Store.

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