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Age of Empires 4: Rotate buildings – is that possible?



Age of Empires 4: Rotate buildings - is that possible?

Age of Empires 4 was finally here last week: In the medieval real-time strategy game, players in the sometimes very hectic multiplayer games get their money’s worth,

But Age of Empires 4 also has many elements that builder players enjoy: You can pull up fortresses with thick walls and turrets, build farms and fields, and create wonderfully bustling settlements in which dozens of villagers do their work.

So that your cities look really nice and the buildings inside don’t all look the same, it would be a cool option if you could rotate the buildings – after all, Age of Empires 3 can do this without any problems by pressing the left caps to lock key while placing the building and scrolls the mouse wheel up or down at the same time.

Can you rotate buildings in Age of Empires 4?

This technology from the predecessor no longer works in Age of Empires 4, because the rotating of buildings has been completely removed with the current series part.

So if you put a lot of emphasis on greater visual variety when building the base, Age 4 could actually be a little step backward – after all, all buildings are oriented in the same direction. It is currently not known whether the feature will be submitted in a future update.

Small consolation: You would not have got a playful advantage or disadvantage by rotating the buildings, since all buildings are completely square anyway. In contrast to other real-time strategy games, in which there are also rectangular building blueprints, rotating would not save any space when building.

If you want to look at your settlement from a different perspective, you still have the option of rotating the camera.

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