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In New World 8% of the players are at the maximum level – what does that mean?



In New World 8% of the players are at the maximum level - what does that mean?

The Steam Achievements of New World’s reveal a great deal about player behavior in the new MMORPG. So just 8% of the players are at level 60, but is that really little, or is it a lot? We at Nintendosmash explain the situation.

What are Steam Achievements? If a game is on Steam, then in most cases it also has Achievements. These are often similar to those on consoles and give you success when you’ve achieved something specific.

New World has some of these achievements too, over 130 in fact. These reward you in MMORPGs for playing the game itself, for collecting certain items, or for reaching a certain level.

Thanks to the “Global Achievements” function of Steam, you can see for each of the Achievements how many% of the players have already completed this achievement. That in turn allows for some exciting keys to New World.

Can you come up with exact numbers? Unfortunately not. You can see as a percentage how many players have achieved an achievement and how many people are currently online. At the moment we cannot say how many players actually have the game.

Since Amazon has not yet published any sales figures, the exact number cannot be traced. Depending on where you look, New World has between 1.8 and 20 million players. It is very certain that there are at least 900,000 because that is how many players at the same time on the weekend of the release.

New World players are particularly committed

How do the numbers compare to other MMOs? About 8% of the “New World” players have reached the maximum level of 60. But how does that compare to similar games?

Compared to the survival MMO Fallout 76, the numbers are roughly the same. 8.3% of the fans have reached level 100 there. In percentage terms, that’s about the same number of users, but the number is much higher at New World because it has many more players.

The MMORPG SWTOR came to Steam last year, but only 2.3% of players managed to complete the last chapter of the story, which is significantly less than in New World.

Both games have been around longer than New World and have fewer players on Steam. Nevertheless, after one month, 8% of users have already reached level 60. That suggests that New World fans are particularly committed.

Why is that? Other Steam achievements confirm this theory. After all, 29.5% of the players have achieved the achievement of playing New World for 80 hours. 12.6% are already at 160 hours and 2.5% are even at 320 hours. In just a month.

0.1% of the players have even unlocked the achievement “I’ll sleep next week”, which can be obtained in the game for 720 hours. 0.1% may sound like little, but even if we assume the lowest number of players, namely 913,000, that’s almost 1,000 players.

That could be because New World had an enormous hype and many wanted to use the chance of a new, large MMORPG to be right at the front. The first players had reached level 60 after just three days.

The rest of the player base is also slowly catching up. The thirst for a new, big MMORPG was definitely there and New World was able to quench it for many. Many players also say that they know that New World is not optimal, but that there is nothing else that can currently be played.

So even though New World is currently losing players, which by the way is the most normal thing in the world, the game is far from dying, as many already prophesied in the comment columns. On the contrary, the game is in very good shape after a month.

5% of the people are traveling without a faction

Who needs parliamentary groups? A full 5% of the fans are in the game without a faction. You can choose a faction from level 10 and that is what 86.9% of all buyers have achieved.

Meanwhile, 35.2% of players have joined the Syndicate, making it the most successful faction when you look at it globally. After all, 30.9% joined the marauders and 15.8% opted for the alliance.

This means that a total of 86.9% of the users, 81.9% have chosen a parliamentary group. One reason for this could be the “Webermoor challenge” circulating on Reddit.

With this challenge, you travel to Webermoor immediately after the tutorial and never leave it. You level up to level 60 there and you are not allowed to accept any quests outside of Webermoor. That means you are not allowed to join any political group. How many people are currently trying to do this is unknown.

Which achievements are still exciting? It is also interesting to see which professions and life skills are well received by the fans of the game. Right at the front is the “Jägermeister” achievements that you get when you get track reading at level 200. A full 21.4% of the players have already achieved this.

The other end of the gathering skill is, unsurprisingly, fishing, which is very slow to rise. Only 0.2% of fans have level 200 fishing.

Life skills are even worse: armorers, jewelers, woodworking, and engineering have only 0% of players at level 200. We cannot say exactly at which value Steam rounds down to 0, but there are very few players.

When it comes to weapons, the hatchet seems to be the most popular, as 4.9% of players have already brought the weapon to a maximum level of 20. Closely followed by the battle-ax with 4.7% and the life stick with 3.6%.

The iconic musket seems to be the least popular, because only 0.5% of players have leveled it at level 20, and the bow doesn’t look much better either. It is second from the bottom with 1.4%.


Dead Space: How to Get the Pulse Rifle



Dead Space: How to Get the Pulse Rifle

There are a lot of different items as well as weapons that players will find throughout their gameplay. All weapons can be used to take down Necromorphs in some way and one of the early weapons that players can find in the game is Pulse Rifle.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Pulse Rifle in Dead Space.

Pulse Rifle Location

Pulse Rifle is one of the early weapons in Dead Space and players can find this weapon in the 2nd Chapter: Intensive Care of the game. Pulse Rifle can be found in the Medical Tram Station. Players will be able to reach the location in a very short time after starting the second chapter.

Getting the Pulse Rifle

At the start of the chapter, players will get a new module named “Kinesis Module”. This module is necessary because it will help the players to get to the Medical Tram Station location. After finding the Kinesis Module, use it to move the two big blocks that are blocking the way. You need to press the L2 button to aim and then press the Circle button to use Kinesis to move the objects.

Move both of the blocks and then make your way ahead to the Medical Tram Station door. Open the door and you will see a soldier on her last breath. She will die in front of you, dropping her Pulse Rifle on the floor. Go near the Pulse Rifle to store it in your inventory.

NOTE: Sometimes it takes more time to trigger the scene where Isaac picks up the Pulse Rifle. Try it multiple times if Isaac is not picking up the weapon on the first try.

Equip Pulse Rifle

After picking up the Pulse Rifle, it will be stored in your inventory. You will have to equip the Pulse Rifle in order to use it. To equip the Pulse Rifle, follow the following steps.

  • Press the Triangle Button to open the Inventory.
  • Select the Pulse Rifle and select it to see the Equip Option.
  • Press the X Button to equip it and then select the space that you want to allocate to the Pulse Rifle.

Pulse Rifle will be equipped and you can press the Directional Buttons to pull out the weapons that are currently equipped in the slots.

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Dead Space: How to Get Kinesis Module



Use of Kinesis Module

Dead Space has a lot of different schematics for the weapons and different modules for the Suit of the main Protagonist. Players will find different modules as they progress through the main story of the game and one of the modules that players can find early in the game is Kinesis Module.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Kinesis Module in Dead Space.

Kinesis Module Location

Kinesis Module can be found in the 2nd Chapter: Intensive Care. It can be found at the very start of the chapter on the boxes near the body. The exact location is Medical Deck which players can reach at the very end of the 1st Chapter: New Arrivals. It will be the shining items on the boxes near the body. Go near it to grab the module and put it in Isaac’s Suit.

Getting Kinesis Module

To get to the Medical Deck, players will have to go to the Flight Deck Tram Station which can be accessed through the Flight Lounge. After the Kellion has blown up, make your way to the Lounge and go to the left side to reach the Flight Deck Train Station. Go straight to access the elevator. Go down from the elevator and you will get to another door that leads to Medical.

Go through the Medical door and use the elevator to go down further and then you will reach the Medical Deck where you will find the Kinesis Module.

Use of Kinesis Module

Kinesis Module is used to move the objects. You can use it to move boxes as well as big components. Additionally, it can be used to hit enemies with a sharp item on the floor so, if you are out of bullets then it can come in very handy.

However, just like the Stasis Module, it also needs to be recharged after a few uses. There are many Module Recharge Stations that you can find as you go ahead and explore the USG Ishimura. Make sure to recharge your modules.

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Dead Space: Chapter 2: Intensive Care – Walkthrough



Dead Space: Chapter 2: Intensive Care – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering the second chapter (Intensive Care) of Dead Space.

Intensive Care – Walkthrough

The 2nd chapter will begin in the Medical Deck where you will another module for your suit. You will find Kinesis Module that can be used to move the objects. You need to move the two big blocks ahead and make space for yourself to cross between them. Go ahead to the Medical Tram Station where you will find a new weapon “Pulse Rifle”. Equip the Pulse Rifle to your inventory to use it.

Go to the Security Station and move the boxes Kinesis Module to get to the next door. Go through the door on the right side and you need to find the Hydrazine Tank and a Shock Pad. Go along the path and go to Imaging Diagnostics. Move the Cylinder which is blocking the way. Go to the other side and place the battery on the side of the Circuit Breaker to activate it. Now interact with the Circuit Breaker and activate the Elevator. Go up from the elevator and move the platform to the right side to cross the gap.

Intensive Care – Walkthrough

Go to the right side and to the end of the hallway to enter the Zero-G Therapy. Open the door and go inside and follow the path until you reach an area with vacuum. You need to get to the other side quickly before your oxygen tank runs out. You can see it on the back of your suit. Use the Locator by pressing the Right Stick and then follow the path. Once you have exited the vacuum area. You will get to use the boosters of your character’s suit. Fly to the other side to reach Zero-G Therapy Maintenance. Inside the maintenance room, you will find Hydrazine Cannister.

Now, go back to the vacuum area and you will get to use the booster in the vacuum area as well. Go up in the vacuum area and go to the Coolant Pipelines. Make your way to the Security Station by following the Locator and then you will get to Research Wing where you will get to use Stasis on a door to cross through it. Go into the Main Lab and the quarantine will come back online. You will have to kill the Necromorphs and then use the elevator to get to the lower level. There will be some more Necromorphs so, kill them as well. The quarantine will be disabled and all the closed doors will be opened.

Use the Locator and follow it to reach the Biological Prosthetic. You will get to kill a new type of enemy here. Kill the enemy and then go up the elevator and kill a couple of more. Go through the door to reach the Limb Simulation Therapy. Here you will find the Shock Pad. Switch off the shock Pad by using the Circuit Breaker and activate the door. Grab the Shock Pad and go through the door. Now, you need to plant the explosive charge.

Go to the Security Station and use the Stasis on the door. Go through the door and plant the explosive charge on the marked spot. Now, go to the cabin next to the spot to detonate the charge. A Necromorph will come down the opened path. Kill it and then follow the path. Go into the Emergency Room and you will have to follow Nicole’s Hologram. Use the Circuit Breaker to activate the Shower and to get loot. After you have obtained loot, remove the power cell from the side of the Circuit Breaker and plug it into the left side of ER Hallway A door.

Dead Space: Chapter 2: Intensive Care – Walkthrough

Once the door is powered up, open it and go to the right side. Follow the path to reach the Intensive Care Unit. Go ahead to the Morgue and use the Power Cell to open the elevator. Use the Elevator and you will reach Autopsy Room.

You will find the Captain in Autopsy Room and the captain’s body will get infected and you will get to fight the captain. Kill the captain and clear the Morgue from the enemies. After that, take the captain’s rig from the bed and now, you will have to return back to Medical Tram Station.

Use the Locator to get back to the Medical Tram Station and Override the lockdown to call the tram. Go inside the Tram and select the Hangar – Cargo – Tram Control as your destination. Use the Locator and follow the path to reach Main Hangar Bay. Reaching the Main Hangar Bay will conclude the second chapter and the third chapter will start.

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