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New World: This is all of the dungeon expeditions and their locations



New World: This is all of the dungeon expeditions and their locations

Which expeditions are there in the online role-playing game New World and where can they be found? This is the question that many fans are currently asking themselves who no longer want to wander through the huge fantasy world alone and do not have much love for PvP. For them, the so-called expeditions are particularly interesting, which are basically dungeons in the classic MMO sense. You can enter these in a group with other players and defeat particularly tough opponents and dust off valuable equipment. The first of these expeditions have a recommended character level of 25. You can visit all dungeons in New World before reaching the recommended character level.

At this point, we give you an overview of the expeditions in News World .

Amrhein excavation – expedition recommended from level 25

The Amrhein excavation can be found in the northern part of the “Windkreis” area. There you will primarily meet ancestor guards and the lost as opponents, and two bosses are waiting for you. If you conquer these, high-quality equipment beckons as a reward for you. It is the first expedition that you are allowed to embark on in New World.

  • Entrance: Windkreis area
  • Loot: Item levels 355 to 370
  • Key: Amrhein attitude sphere

Starstone Burial Mound – Expedition recommended from level 35

The star stone burial mound is in the “Immerfall” area, the expedition is thematically based on Greek mythology. Special care should be taken with the rays of light from the obelisks, which kill you immediately if you touch them. It is therefore advisable to proceed with caution. Also in this expedition, the fight against two bosses is on the program.

  • Entrance: Immerfall area
  • Loot: Item level 420
  • Key: Starstone Adjustment Sphere

The Shallows – Expedition recommended from level 45

The New World Dungeon the Shallows is recommended from level 45. You can find it on the unsteady coast in the northeast of the fantasy world. Before entering, make sure to speak to the alligator named “Nekumanesh” as he will give you a quest for the expedition. In addition to numerous rotten people, you will have to deal with two bosses. Half-sunken ruins serve as the setting.

  • Entrance: Unsteady coast area
  • Loot: Item level 465
  • Key: Shoal Attitude Sphere

Dynasty Shipyard – Expedition recommended from level 55

Shortly before reaching the maximum level, you can visit the expedition “Ship Value of the Dynasty”, which you will find in the “Lichtholz” area – more precisely in its western part. The main focus of this adventure is to overthrow or stop the empress. Two bosses, many corrupt and members of the dynasty stand in your way at the shipyard. Good teamwork is the top priority here.

  • Entrance: area even
  • Loot: Item level 500
  • Key: Dynasty Adjustment Sphere

Lazarus instruments – expedition recommended from level 60

If you have reached the current maximum level of 60 with your character, you should go to the endgame area “Brackwasser”. There you will find the Lazarus instruments, which are populated by numerous skeletons, which represent a real challenge. As a boss opponent, you can expect a huge snake as well as a golem, which at first glance is very clumsy, but which deals a lot of damage.

  • Entrance: Brackish water area
  • Loot: Item level 500 to 600
  • Key: Lazarus Attitude Sphere

Garden of Origin – Expedition recommended from level 60

New World’s second endgame expedition (buy now $39.99 ) is located in “Edenhain” and is currently one of the most challenging group challenges in the online role-playing game. Numerous primitive originals are at home here that is not exactly friendly towards you. There are also some mini-bosses that make life difficult for you, as well as two real boss opponents. The effort is worth it, however, as valuable loot beckons as a reward on this expedition.

  • Entrance: Edenhein area
  • Loot: Item level 500 to 600
  • Key: Origin Setting Sphere

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