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New World: How to level up weapon more easily



New World: How to level up weapon more easily

In New World, with around ten weapons available from the start of the adventure, the player will have to select two early enough in order to accumulate experience with and unlock different perk points that will improve the effectiveness of these last. This rather beginner-oriented guide summarizes how this system works, and also gives one or two tips to accelerate the accumulation of weapon experience points.

How do you gain a little more weapon experience?

If the first levels are quick to take, the last ones will nevertheless require much more time. Although high-level monsters grant more weapon experience when defeated, the required experience at each weapon level will increase much faster. Going after higher-level enemies can be a solution if it does not exceed that of your character too much.

Otherwise, the bonus will not be large and your enemy would be subject to different passive bonuses, making the task much more complicated. Favor creatures of your level or a little above, and feel free to use both of your weapons if you are using a low damage weapon such as the Life Staff. It will go much faster and the experience will be divided between the two weapons.

Finally, the second point perhaps a little less obvious, know that the activation of the PVP mode outside the cities allows garnering 10% more experience. However, you must be prepared to run the risk of confronting a player from an opposing faction. Another tip is also to venture into so-called elite areas, which are present on each of the regions of the map.

The monsters present are however much tougher and will require you to match up with players to take them down fairly quickly. As always in New World, it is more practical to ally with other players especially if, as advised previously, you activate the PVP mode.

How do I spend my weapon mastery points?

Each weapon has two perk trees on which you can spend your hard-earned points. With 3 different skills in each perk, each weapon offers a total of 6 skills knowing that it is possible to equip only 3 simultaneously. It is therefore wise to acquire only 3 of these skills, even if it means abandoning the remaining ones.

To go into more detail, each of the skill trees has a total of 5 floors. These become accessible in such a way that spending a perk point in stage 1 allows access to perks in stage 2 and so on. However, the passive skill located on the top floor only becomes accessible if the player has already invested 10 skill points in the branch in question.

Each weapon only offers 19 skill points in total, so it is not possible to acquire the two “ultimate” abilities located at each end of the two arms of a weapon. It is therefore good to think about the desired style of play for each weapon, whether you prefer to orient yourself in PVP or PvE for example.

Do not panic however, resetting skill points is free if the weapon has not yet reached level 10. Otherwise, count 25 Azoths per weapon level acquired after level 10 in order to reassign all his perk points. This currency is also used to teleport to the relays of the map, it is advisable not to waste it unnecessarily.

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