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New World: So you get a large bag for more inventory space completely free of charge



New World: So you get a large bag for more inventory space completely free of charge

In New World, your own inventory quickly reaches its limits. All the more important are bags that increase your load capacity. We at Nintendosmash present you with a short quest through which you can get a large and useful bag for free.

What kind of quest is that? The quest is called “Equal Alligators” and you can accept it from NPC Bartram Hopkins. That stands in the settlement of Eben Maß.

As a prerequisite, you do not have a long questline, you only have to have reached level 49. Then you can accept the quest and return it immediately after completing it and bag the bag.

What is your job You have to collect 8 ebony scales? All you have to do is defeat alligators in the area marked by the quest.

The quest is not particularly difficult, but the alligators are level 52. That shouldn’t be a problem, even if you accept the quest at level 49 directly.

What does the reward look like? An alligator leather bag beckons as a reward. Which brings:

  • 255 additional inventory weight
  • 84 further inventory weight about the effect
  • The weight of hides, leather and the skinning knife is reduced by 9.1%

There are also 102 Talers, a little XP, and 175 reputations for the area of ​​Eben Maß.

Inventory weight is a big issue

How do you get more bags? Since the inventory is always too full, pockets play an important role. Apart from this quest, you can only get these via crafting or the trading post.

But even small bags cost well over 500 thalers. Bags the size of the Quest are sometimes up to 2,000 thalers. So you can really save money here.

How many pockets are there? At levels 10, 30, and 45 you unlock another bag each. Small bags increase your inventory weight by 100, the largest bags by almost 300, but without taking enchantments into account.

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