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Far Cry 6: Move the rig crane and open the container with the weapon box



Far Cry 6: Move the rig crane and open the container with the weapon box

There’s a gun box in a container on the GDP rig in Far Cry 6. However, another container hanging from a crane blocks access to it. At this point, we will show you where to find the switch for the crane to get to the unique “Überlader” shotgun.

How to open the container on the GDP rig

If you want to collect all the unique weapons in Far Cry 6, you will inevitably come across the weapon box on the GDP drilling rig in the far northwest of Yara. However, this is not that easy to get to as it is hidden in a container that is seemingly inaccessible.

In front of the entrance to the container, there is another smaller container attached to a crane. Somehow you have to move this crane up so that you can get inside the box. To do this, you have to press a certain switch elsewhere.

You can find the switch in the small control room in the southwest corner of the oil rig. On the following picture, you can see exactly where:

In front of the control room window, you will find the console with the switch that activates the crane and lifts the small container.

Now you can go back to the container and finally enter it. Incidentally, you will find the unique shotgun Überlader in the weapon box. This has a silencer and is generally one of the best shotguns in the game.

Incidentally, in the container, you will find a lot of other storage resources for crafting storage facilities

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