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New World: This is how aggro works with ridicule and aggro building



New World: This is how aggro works with ridicule and aggro building

How do you draw and hold aggro in New World? We’ll show you everything you need to know about aggro in the game. This is how you refuel successfully or you are not an annoying teammate for your tanks.

What is aggro? As Aggro refers in multiplayer games the attention of an opponent. Whoever has the aggro will be attacked in a focused manner by the corresponding mob. In a group, it is best to have the tank have the opponents’ attention and hold aggro.

If you cause too much damage/healing or attack too early, it can happen that you steal the aggro. With the taunt ability, a tank can then draw the focus of the opponent again.

We show you in the overview how the aggro works in New World.

Pulling, Building and Holding Aggro – How’s the New World doing?

What the developers say: In the New World forum, Chardis, a New World developer, explains how the target prioritization of opponents and the game’s aggro system work (via ).

How do opponents choose the target? Most opponents in New World choose their target based on the threat (aggro). The threat is calculated from the healing done (on other players and also on you) with spells, damage to opponents, the blocking of enemy damage, and the taunt ability.

Opponents choose the player who is currently highest on the threat list as a target. That player then has that opponent’s aggro.

You hold the aggro of an opponent until one of the following events occurs:

  • Another player generates more aggro than you and fights his way to the top of the threat list
  • Another player uses the taunt ability
  • The AI ​​opponents use a special ability that targets players who are currently not aggro

Chardis explains these three scenarios in more detail:

  1. Player A has 100 threats and therefore the aggro of the opponent. Player B generates 110 threats and overtakes player A. Now player B has the aggro of the opponent and the AI ​​attacks player B.
  2. Player A has 100 threats and player B has 0 threats, but then uses the taunt ability. With this, he draws the aggro of the enemy directly, who will attack him as long as the aggro ability is active. Then the opponent attacks the opponent who is highest on the threat list.
  3. If player A has 100 threats and player B 0, an opponent can still attack player B. If he uses the ability “I throw my spear at the player furthest away”, the threat list for this ability is ignored.

How’s it going with healers and aggro? As Chardis explains, healing causes significantly less threat per ability than any other weapon. Since you can also conjure up AoE healings and healings over time (hots) with the life wand, you can also use it to build up threats.

If you heal your tank before it can damage the enemy, then you as a healer have the aggro first. In this case, your tank can scoff and build up its threat with damage in order to keep the aggro.

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