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Here’s how to easily complete Far Cry 6 Re-education mission



Here's how to easily complete Far Cry 6 Re-education mission

You have to get my friend Matías out of María Marquessa’s academy; that place fucks our minds. They want to do the same thing they tried to me, but you’re not going to let that happen.

It is activated automatically when completing the Break the Chains mission, although at Nintendosmash we will wait to complete the Intensive Promotion to continue with this. The first thing to do will be to talk to Talía at the Maximum Camp.

The objective will be to rescue Dr. Matías Alonso, who is in María’s brainwashing school already indicated to the northeast of the camp. Initially, you will not see any way to enter the building … what you have to do is an approach from the Southwest part and climb to the roof by those scaffolding, then drop down to the second-floor balcony (careful not to fall into the patio and have to turn around) and enter the room where Matías is.

This one will have asked you to look for a medicine cabinet in a nearby clinic, which will already be indicated a little further to the East. The only difficulty may be the enemies waiting for you outside, otherwise, simply enter through the door and pick up the orange medicine cabinet that is on the counter. Now go back to Matías to give him the medicine cabinet and then you will have to protect him by going outside and eliminating all the enemies that will approach in several waves. When you finish with the last of these, the mission will be completed.


150 XP

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