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Far Cry 6: How to achieve I Stay Cool- PG-240X trophy



Far Cry 6: How to achieve I Stay Cool- PG-240X trophy

In this manual, we want to help you to deliver the PG-240X without overheating. If you make the effort (15-20 minutes), the following trophy awaits you:

So you deliver the PG-240X below 50% temperature

The PG-240X is a device that you can find in special operations. We did it in Parque Mesozoico, Special Mission Mesozoico .

In this mission you have to reach the visitor center in the northeast, there you will find a cooling device in which the PG-240X can be found. As soon as you have it in your inventory, you have to pay attention to the temperature display. You can see it through the weapon wheel.

There are really many paths that you can walk, the only thing to note is that the device must ALWAYS be cooled. There are water points everywhere for this, small statues with a tap, wells, and irrigation systems.

Make sure that you always run in the sun, put your weapon away so you can run faster. Before you go into the area with huts and water, stand in the shade and scan the area with your cell phone.

At the end of the mission, you have to secure the park entrance, some soldiers and also helicopters will come. There go to the area of ​​the wells. Water runs out of the mushrooms and gives you the opportunity to keep the PG-240X always cool.

Time doesn’t matter! Take all the time you need, the main thing is that the PG-240X does not rise above 50%!

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