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Far Cry 6: How to complete A Rising Tide



Far Cry 6: How to complete A Rising Tide

A Rising Tide is one of the scavenger hunt missions available in Far Cry 6. Next in this post, we are going to teach you step by step in detail how to complete this search 100% to find your final reward treasure.

How to start a rising tide?

Region: The East.
Location: in the Sierra Perdida area, south of the main camp in this region, you will find the Yarabi fishing village, with the note that begins the mission at the door of a house.

How to complete A Rising Tide in Far Cry 6

This search mission is somewhat special since it proposes we solve a small puzzle. The treasure chest that we must get is inside a closed room in the house that has the mission note, and to open the door of this room you have to press 5 buttons in a certain order.

The fact is that these buttons have a name related to the Legends of 67. To know the order in which you must press each of these buttons, you have to search the town of Yarabi for five scattered boats that have these same names painted and a number next to them (the number corresponds to their order in solving the puzzle).

Button order (Solution)

The order in which you must press the buttons is as follows:

  • Button No. 1: The Tiger of the Sea
  • Button # 2: Papi Chulo
  • Button # 3: The Lucky
  • Button # 4: Clarita
  • Button # 5: Victoria Red

Actually, as you are consulting this guide, you do not need to look for each of the boats in the town, but even so, here below we show you an image with the location of each one of them.

  • Button # 1 – El Tigre del Mar: the first pink boat is located right in front of the mission house.
  • Button nº 2 – Papi Chulo: the second boat, greenish in color, is in the west of the town, near a cabin on the water.
  • Button # 3 – The Lucky: the third blue boat is right at the entrance to the east side of the town, where you will see it on top of the roof of a house.
  • Button nº 4 – Clarita: the fourth yellow boat is by the western entrance of the town, you can also find it on the roof of a house.
  • Button # 5 – Victoria Red: The fifth and last red boat is submerged in the water behind the mission house. You have to dive to see it

For even greater clues, it is possible to find a note under the house listing the correct order to open the door. Either way, now you know what the order of the buttons is. You just have to press them in that order and the locked door will open. So you can enter the room and collect the treasure reward to finish the mission.

Treasure reward

150 XP
Quinceañera Camouflage Rifle (unique weapon)

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