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Far Cry 6 lets you ride a unicorn and a zebra – this is how you find the mounts



Far Cry 6 lets you ride a unicorn and a zebra - this is how you find the mounts

You have probably already noticed that all sorts of crazy critters are waiting for you in Far Cry 6. You probably think first of the amigos who support you in the fight. Dachshund chorizo, punk rooster chicharrón, and the styled crocodile Guapo are probably as well known as the main character Dani Rojas.

But did you know that you also have a unicorn and a zebra for the ride from one action-packed battle to the next? Admittedly, these animals are not entirely real, but that doesn’t make them any less cool. You can find out what they’re up to and how to get them here.

This is how mounts work in Far Cry 6

Four different horse breeds as well as a unicorn and a zebra are available for your excursions on the archipelago. Calling mounts to you at any time – as in many other open-world titles – is not possible. You can only pick them up at the horse drop-off points marked in green .

You can scan wild horses with your mobile phone.

You have to bring newly discovered races to such a tie bar so that they are available to you in the future. You can scan the wild Madrugadans with your mobile phone to add them to your collection. However, the unicorn and zebra are unique mounts. You get one from a treasure hunt, the other from a mission.

The Unicorn

The unicorn has made itself comfortable.
The unicorn has made itself comfortable.

What’s it all about? The white unicorn with the colorful mane is actually a horse – and one with a very sad background story. It was disguised to make a very special gift. But it never came to handover. You can find out the whole story if you – as described in the following section – devote yourself to the appropriate treasure hunt.

How to get it: The unicorn is the reward for the treasure hunt “Sweet Fifteen” . If you haven’t discovered this yet, you can simply go to the starting point in El Este marked on the map. There you enter the warehouse and you can already see the lonely animal behind a lattice door. However, you cannot simply open it.

First, you have to flip four switches. These are all located within the building. They are distributed on the left and right on the ground floor and the first floor. To reach the two counters on the first floor, you have to climb. In order to be able to reach one of the switches on the ground floor, you have to carefully pass the broken power cables and turn off the power in this room at a button. Once you have flipped all the switches, you can free the unicorn, but be careful: you will have to deal with soldiers beforehand.

The zebra

The zebra is a painted horse.
The zebra is a painted horse.

What’s it all about? The zebra is also really just a horse. Talía from the Valle de Oro painted it to attract attention with a photo.

How to get it: The zebra is the reward for a story mission in the Valle de Oro. First, you have to get to know the guerrilla group Máximas Matanzas. Paolo will give you the quest “Pay off debts” in the camp. If you have accepted this, Talía should contact you with the mission “Break the Chains”. This is the job where you get the zebra.

It’s a long quest that takes place in a former zoo. Once you’ve done everything there, Talía comes riding on the “zebra”. After Dani took a photo of her in a cutscene, the animal is yours.

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