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How to get the God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima on the Island of Iki



How to get the God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima on the Island of Iki

We give you all the steps so that you can unlock in less than a minute the spectacular God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima.

We will be able to get a series of iconic armor in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut from classic PlayStation titles and licenses such as Shadow of the Colossus, Bloodborne, or God of War, and in this guide, we are going to focus specifically on the one from God of War that it is one of the most spectacular.

Basically in each of these missions what you have to do is equip yourself with armor and perform a particular gesture in front of one of the statues of the specific sanctuaries, and if you do it right you will have new armor for the rest of the adventure.

Of course, to be able to get all these armor you must have passed a large part of the main story, although it is also evident that to access this expansion you must have already enjoyed a few hours.

How to get the God of War armor in Ghost of Tsushima

In order to unlock the God of War armor and access the puzzle, you have to go to the Ash Shrine which is located just north of the Yahata forest.

Once you arrive in front of the statue you have to read the scroll, where it will put the following:

Tree of fall;

Your seed is already growing;

The strange son.

Boy, honor your father;

With the force of your blade.

You simply have to equip yourself with the armor of the Sakai clan and draw your sword by sliding your finger on the touch panel to the right or to the left.

If you have done well, a small narrative will be unleashed and you will have the war helmet, the Spartan, and the ghost of Sparta.

So just equip yourself with said armor and perform that sword gesture, to get this new God of War outfit.

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