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How to get the Rusu mask in Kena Bridge of Spirits



How to get the Rusu mask in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits allows you to get an extra mask by completing a series of challenges. We tell you how to get Rusu’s mask.

Kena Bridge of Spirits has a series of challenges, collectibles, and other activities that increase the hours of play and the options to continue improving, getting skills, and adding extras to our rot.

As we said, by completing some of these tasks we can get special rewards. If you have fallen asleep before the Rot, know that there is a mask that you can equip one of them and that you can get if you have aimed.

How to get the Rusu mask in Kena Bridge of Spirits

One of the coolest cosmetics you can get in Kena Bridge of Spirits is unlocked once you meet Rusu at the top of the mountain. When you find this character, a series of trials will be unlocked.

These are various archery events, some simpler than others, which you can access after the scene where Kena, Rusu, Beni, and Saiya meet. When you reach a clearing with a rock, Rusu will appear.

Talk to him and then ask the Rot for help to start the archery test. There are three other locations with these challenges in the area and if you complete them successfully you will be able to unlock Rusu’s mask.

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