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How to start the new missions in Death Stranding Director’s Cut



How to start the new missions in Death Stranding Director's Cut

We give you all the steps so that you can start the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut missions as soon as possible because they are somewhat hidden.

If you have decided to go beyond the base game of Death Stranding, surely you will already be in a Director’s Cut where you will have a multitude of new weapons, elements, and especially missions that you are going to want to enjoy, but like many things in this game, you will not you will have precisely at a glance.

There can be many relative doubts about the situation of the new Death Stranding Director’s Cut missions, and more so if you are a new player, with which we tell you exactly what you must do to activate them and where you have to go.

And it is that depending on whether you are a new player or a user who has already passed the base title, it will take more or less time to enjoy those new missions that have been included with this Director’s Cut.

How to start the new missions in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

You could say that the missions for Death Stranding Director’s Cut are hidden, and you will have to go to a specific area of ​​the map to be able to activate them from the beginning, and we tell you where they are exactly.

If you are starting from scratch first you will have to complete the first eight missions before you can access the new ones.

If what you are doing is loading an exported saved game, it is likely that you have already passed those first missions and you should see Die-Hardman.

To access the new missions you must go to the distribution center west of Capitol Knot City, in the eastern region. Once you have reached the distribution center, the mission “Collection: Cargo Discovered in the Ruined Factory” will be unlocked.

Now, this is very simple, because the objective will be marked on the map so you will simply have to follow it. Specifically, you have to go to the ruined structure at the top of the mountain, which is a factory.

When you arrive you will have to fight against several sets of enemies, and although you will not be able to open the door of the structure, you will be able to obtain the data from the mailbox which will allow you to start the new missions of Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

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