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How to get weapons and gear level 50 in Outriders



'Outriders' will allow you to recover the equipment lost due to a bug with equal or better statistics

Outriders has a different progression system than Destiny 2 and other multiplayer shooters. If you have passed the campaign and you are already level 30 in the People Can Fly game, you can get weapons and equipment of level 50 … following our instructions.

Outriders is the new looter shooter from People Can Fly and Square Enix. With a risky proposal focused on the cooperative, the PC and console title has a different progress system than we see in other games like Destiny 2. You can read our analysis and the 5 aspects in which Outriders manages to surpass Destiny 2 or Division 2.

It is quite possible you’ve gotten and complete the campaign of outriders (hopefully you have not affected the annoying bug that empties your inventory ), so you already have weapons and equipment level 30. Know that, up to that point, you are limited to world levels, but that it is possible to overcome it.

In case you have already completed the campaign, you may have noticed that you can play a new mode called Expeditions. These are ” endgame ” challenges and activities, which you can play alone … although we recommend that you do it in the company, for difficulty, and for fun.

How can you get Tier 50 weapons and gear? Well, basically, through Expeditions. We are going to detail how the progression system works in these challenges and how to overcome level 30, which is the limit established for the Outriders campaign.

How to get Tier 50 weapons and gear

Outriders has a progression system based on world levels, but only in the campaign. These range from WT1 to WT15, and as we level up we will get better weapons and equipment for our characters. If you’ve reached WT15, that means you’re level 30.

To overcome this barrier, you must increase your challenge level. And you can only access this from Expeditions, exclusive activities for those who have completed the Outriders campaign, which you can play alone or with your friends, in cooperative mode.

These Expeditions have their own difficulty levels, and as you overcome them you will gain experience … this translates into increasing challenge levels, up to the top of level 50.

In total there are 15 challenge levels (TC) , and in case you reach the last one, you will get the long-awaited level 50 in Outriders. It is important that you do not confuse WTs with CTs. There are three difficulty classes for each Expedition, which are: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

For example, if you reach CT12 you can earn legendary weapons and equipment if you complete this level on Gold difficulty. Obviously, these objects are necessary to overcome the Expeditions challenges, which are much more difficult than you find in the campaign.

So now you know: if you want to obtain weapons and equipment of level 50, you will have to play the Expeditions and complete the Gold difficulties in each level, while gaining experience points. Not only will you want to get these precious weapons and armor, but they will be necessary to overcome each enemy, and consequently, each level of Expeditions.

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