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How to Repair the Great Furnace of Narvi in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria



TLOTR: Great Furnace of Narvi

Repairing the Great Furnace of Narvi is one of the main objectives tied to the story that every player must complete to progress ahead in the game. Fixing the Great Furnace can be a tricky task as you will be required to find and place the missing parts but it is rewarding in the end.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to repair the Great Furnace of Narvi in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

Where to Find the Great Furnace of Narvi

The Great Furnace of Narvi is located inside the grand stone building in the Elven Quarter region. You will reach the Elven Quarter region by progressing through the starting cavern area. Follow the main tasks listed in the log to find your way through the rubble. Reach the Elven Quarter and fix up the abandoned base to start exploring the new region.

How to Repair the Great Furnace of Narvi

Sticking to the main objectives will point you toward the stone building in which you will find the Great Furnace of Narvi. As you go near it, you will get the message of the furnace being cold but if you explore around the furnace, there will be three missing parts that you need to find and place at their respective locations.

  • Replacement Crank
  • Replacement Gear
  • Replacement Pipe

Interacting with all three sections of the furnace will also unlock the recipe for these missing parts that you can craft at the Forge using the Iron Ingots but they can also be found around the stone building.

Find and Place Replacement Crank

The replacement crank is easy to find as it is placed on the floor near the Great Forge in the center. Pick up the Replacement Crank and place it on the handle.

Find and Place Replacement Gear

The replacement gear is also easy to find as it is located near the staircase on the left side of the furnace. Pick up the gear and go up the staircase to place it in the missing gear location.

Find and Place Replacement Pipe

The replacement pipe is located at the entrance of the stone building. Make your way to the entrance and as you are about to enter the stone building, look to the right side to find the replacement pipe. Pick up the replacement pipe and make your way up to the staircase on the right side of the furnace until you reach the broken stairs. Put down the replacement pipe and build quick platforms in the gap. Get on the quick platforms and pick up the pipe to go up. Alternatively, you can also throw the pipe up on the staircase by pressing the R button but it has a chance of falling the pipe.

Once you have brought up the pipe, place it in the missing location to repair the Great Furnace. As the Great Furnace activates, you will learn several new recipes including new tools and weapons as well as alerting a horde of goblins to your location. Be ready for the fight and take out goblins to survive the horde attack.

After dealing with the enemies, you will be able to use the Great Furnace and the Great Forge of Narvi for the newly unlocked recipes. However, these recipes are also unlocked for your personal Furnace and Forge stations back at your base so, feel free to craft the new recipes anywhere you like.

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