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Cities: Skylines II – How to Build Houses



Cities: Skylines II - Build Houses

Developing your dream city for the inhabitants to stay in is the main goal for your city to reach success and the earliest goal is to provide the inhabitants with their new houses in the new city. It is important to take notice of how many inhabitants you have pulled into your city and how many houses you would need for them to stay comfortably.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build houses in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Build Houses in Cities: Skylines II

Houses can be built of different types according to the demand of each type but there are only two styles of houses that you can build which are dependent on the theme-type of the map. If you are playing on a North American-themed map, you will build the NA-style houses and if you are playing on a European-themed map, you will build EU-style houses. However, building each style of house follows the same set of steps which are the following.

  • Build a road to have zones on the side of the road on which you will be able to build the houses.
  • Select the Zones from the bar.
  • Select the Residential Zones.
  • Choose a type of Residential Zone from Low to High Density.
  • Choose a tool and then select an area of the zone on which you want to build the house.
  • Wait for the construction of the house to complete.

There are three different types of tools that you can use to build the selected type of residential zone.

  • Fill: Fill allows you to select a whole zone at once and starts the initiation of building the houses.
  • Marque: Marque allows you to select each block of the zone individually and allows you to select a limited size of the zone to build houses.
  • Paint: It allows you to draw anything you want on the zone area to build a unique house.

Keep in mind that your map time is set to ‘Play’ otherwise, the houses will not be built and your city will not progress.

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