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Cities: Skylines II – How to Take a Loan



Cities: Skylines II - Take a Loan

Accomplishing the Milestones for your city is one of the main tasks in Cities: Skylines II but it can consume almost all of your money and budget as infrastructures and services are not applicable for free. If you are experiencing a similar issue with your city building and want to complete it, then you might want to take a loan to achieve the goals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to take a loan in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Take a Loan in Cities: Skylines II

If you are short on money, you can take a loan to finance the expansion of your city. It can open up a way for you to accomplish your dreams and let the inhabitants enjoy the life they ever dreamt of. To take a loan in Cities: Skylines II, follow the following steps.

  • Select the City Economy from the main bar on the right side of the screen to view the overall budget and monthly expenses and earnings.
  • Change the tab to Loans.
  • Use the slider to increase the amount of loan you want to borrow. The starting loan limit at the start of the game is 250,000 which will increase as you reach more milestones.
  • After choosing an amount for a loan, select the accept option to get the loan.

Getting a loan is easy but it also applies an interest factor which corresponds to the amount of loan you have borrowed. Borrowing a high amount of loan will have more interest percentage and a low amount of loan will have low interest percentage. Every month a certain amount of interest percentage and loan will be deducted from your monthly income until all the loan has been paid.

You can lower the interest rate by placing a City Hall or Central Bank in the city but these infrastructures are unlocked by reaching a higher level of milestones.

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