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Alan Wake 2: How to Get a Hunting Rifle



Alan Wake 2 - Hunting Rifle

Saga Anderson can have up to 5 different weapons in Alan Wake 2 increasing survival chances for Saga Anderson throughout the journey. The Hunting Rifle is one of the strongest weapons of Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2 as it can kill the cultists with a single shot. However, this weapon is optional, and players can easily miss it if they not being aware of their surroundings.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a hunting rifle in Alan Wake 2.

How to Get a Hunting Rifle in Alan Wake 2

The Hunting Rifle can be obtained during Return 5: Old Gods from the Wellness Center at Watery. Players will be required to get an ID for the Valhalla Nursing Home and Wellness Center to get inside the Wellness Center. Once there, players will be able to get the Hunting Rifle from the Workshop. However, the Workshop’s door knob will be missing preventing players from getting inside the workshop.

How to Get the Workshop’s Door Knob in Alan Wake 2

To get the Workshop’s Door Knob, go to the Security Room and read the documents to learn about the next date of the new moon ‘17-08-23’ (Day-Month-Year). Now, use Blum’s Computer and enter the ‘170723’ code to access the computer and unlock the door to the Staff Lounge. Make your way to the Staff Lounge and enter the room with a bright light to find the door knob in a box.

After getting the doorknob, make your way back to the Workshop and place it in the door to enter the workshop. Go inside and grab the Hunting Rifle from the locker.

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