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Alan Wake 2: How to Get Crossbow



Alan Wake 2: Crossbow

Saga Anderson will start with only a Pistol Weapon but as players progress in her story, they will be able to unlock more weapons for her, Sawed-Off Shotgun during Return 2: The Heart. After completing the second chapter players will get to continue Saga Anderson’s story in Return 3: Local Girl in which they will be able to unlock another weapon for her, Crossbow.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Crossbow in Alan Wake 2.

How to Get Crossbow in Alan Wake 2

Crossbow can be obtained during Return 3: Local Girl at Watery area. As players reach the Watery area and start tracking Clicker, they can follow the path leading to the north direction. Going over the path will unveil a safe cabin where players can save their game but there is a cult chest right in front of the cabin which contains the crossbow. Unlocking the chest will require a 3-digit combination code.

To get the code for the cult chest, go to the right side with several numbered target points with bolts in them and count the bolts on each marked target. 5 marked-target will have 1 bolt, 2 marked-target will have 2 bolts, and 7 marked-target will have 3 bolts. If you arrange them in an order with a number of bolts, you will get the ‘527’ code.

Now, go to the cult chest and enter the code to open the chest to get the Crossbow. The crossbow will only have 1 loaded bolt in it but you can retrieve all of the bolts from the target practice area.

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