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Alan Wake 2: How to Find Talk Show Door Codes



Alan Wake 2: Talk Show Door Code

Finding Alan Wake on the beach at the end of Return 2: The Heart turns the tides of the story in a darker way and allows players to step in the shoes of Alan Wake writing the story, Initiation. Players will find Alan trapped on a talk show and will require a door code to escape from the Talk Show.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find talk show door codes in Alan Wake 2.

How to Find Talk Show Door Codes in Alan Wake 2

As the first part of Initiation starts, players will find Alan trapped on the stage of the Talk Show, and as players walk toward the exit and the end of the hallway, they will find a locked door with a combination console. To open the door, players need to find the door lock which can be found inside the second room in the hallway. Open the door to go inside and go to the end to find a flashing neon sign “665, Neighbor of the Beast”. Use the ‘665’ code on the door to go ahead and make your way toward the storage area.

It will start a cutscene and as the cutscene ends, players will find Alan trapped again on the stage of the Talk Show. Go toward the exit again but this time, 665 will not work on the console. Enter the room with a flashing sigh again to get a new code according to the sequence of the flashes. The new code for the door will be ‘565’.

Enter the new code to make your way ahead toward the storage area, this time successfully getting out of the storage and progressing ahead in the story.

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