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Alan Wake 2 – Return 2: The Heart Walkthrough



Alan Wake 2: The Heart

In this guide, we’ll be covering the 2nd Chapter of Alan Wake 2, The Heart.

Return 2: The Heart Walkthrough

Return 2: The Heart will start after going back to the Cauldron Lake but before you get to do that, you must figure out where Nightingale went. After the first encounter with Nightingale at the end of Return 1: Invitation, you need to gather clues. First, talk to Alex, and then investigate the Manuscript pages on the floor. Now, open the Case Board and place the Key Image to unlock the ‘Where did Nightingale Go?’ question. Place both of the Manuscript pages in front of the questions to find the answer. Exit from the Case Board and talk to Alex to tell him about Nightingale’s whereabouts.

Make your way to the exit and go out of the Sheriff’s Station to go back to the car. Interact with the car to go back to the Cauldron Lake. Once there, Return 2: The Heart will officially start.

Track Nightingale at Cauldron Lake

After reaching the Cauldron Lake, make your way to the Crime Scene with Alex Casey. Once there, investigate the bench where Nightingale was murdered and the tracks going out of the area. Follow the tracks until they disappear in the water. Loot the red box on the pole to get a Battery and Pistol Ammo and make your way to the left side to reach Witch’s Ladle. Go towards the giant tree to see the tracks again leading inside the tree. Use the boosted light by pressing the RB/R1 button to melt away the dark substance to find a Manuscript.

Investigate Witch’s Hut

The Manuscript gives the hint of Saga going inside the Witch’s Hut. Make your way to the Witch’s Hut but it will have no power. There will be a Fusebox on the left side of the Witch’s Hut but it will be missing a fuse. Find the fuse to get the lights working in the Witch’s Hut. Go inside the Witch’s Hut to find the next Manuscript hinting about the Heart. The Witch’s Hut is a Break Room where you can Autosave and manually save by interacting with the thermos. Before you go ahead to the next location, open the Case Board to start placing the found evidence and manuscript pages to make more sense of Nightingale’s whereabouts and the ritual.

Get the Heart

Getting to know about The Ritual will unlock a new question about The Heart’s whereabouts. Go to the Profiling desk to profile the available terms to know about the heart’s location. The Heart will be inside the fridge at the General Store so, make your way to the General Store. As you go inside, you will get to encounter the first cultist. Use the boosted light to reveal the weak spot of the cultist and then shoot at the weak spot to kill the cultist. Make your way to the back room to find the fridge on the left side. Use the boosted light to melt the dark substance to get the Heart. Before you leave the General Store, make sure to get the Sawed-Off Shotgun and an inventory satchel from the General Store.

Perform The Ritual to Open the Overlap

Open the Case Board to place all the evidence about the Heart and then make your way back to the Witch’s Ladle. You can go to the Witch’s Hut to save your progress before going to the Witch’s Ladle. As you are going towards Witch’s Ladle, the light above the red box will be on and you can use it to outmaneuver the cultists that will engage you in the area. Defeat the cultists and go to the Witch’s Ladle sign board. Interact with the hole in the signboard to perform the ritual to open the Overlap.

Defeat Nightingale

Make your way inside the Overlap and keep going ahead along the path to get close to Nightingale. As you go ahead, you will find Nightingale’s bag from which you can get a healing and some ammo so make sure to grab it. Go ahead to encounter Nightingale. Nightingale will have a dark substance covering his weak spot so, use the boosted flashlight to melt it away to expose the weak spot and shoot at it. As Nightingale retreats, go along the path leading to the right side to come across a narrow path. The rest of the fight will take place here. Use the flashlight and make use of your shotgun to deal extensive damage to Nightingale to defeat him.

Defeating Nightingale will start a cutscene leading to the ending of the chapter. You can start the next chapter by going to the car but you will have the freedom to explore the Cauldron Lake to find all of the collectibles and much more. There are Cult Chests, Lunch Boxes, Nursery Rhymes puzzles, and many other POIs to discover.

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