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Alan Wake 2: All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles in Return 2: The Heart



Alan Wake 2: Nursery Rhyme Puzzle Return 2

Exploration in Alan Wake 2 is certainly rewarding in many ways not only does it increase your overall progression rating by collecting the collectibles but there are certain items that can even help you upgrade your arsenal and provide certain buffs. While exploring the areas, you will come across Nursery Rhyme Puzzles which will reward you with a certain charm that can be equipped in the Charm slots to gain certain buffs.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all the Nursery Rhyme Puzzles that you can solve in the Return 2: The Heart mission in Alan Wake 2.

All Nursery Rhyme Puzzles in Return 2: The Heart

Nursery Rhyme Puzzles are certain locations across the areas around Bright Falls that you will get to witness through exploration. The first time you will get to see a Nursery Rhyme Puzzle is during Return 2: The Heart. They can be recognized by drawings on the ground with a piece of poem hinting at an answer for the placement of a certain doll on the drawings. You need to gather the specific doll and place it in the correct drawing to complete the puzzle, spawning a charm as a reward.

There are 3 Nursery Rhyme Puzzles that you will be able to complete during Return 2: The Heart and all of the locations and their solutions are described below.

1. Nursery Rhyme Puzzle #1

The first Nursery Rhyme Puzzle can be found right after crossing the bridge to Witchfinder’s Station at the Cauldron Lake. Go to the left side to come across a picnic table with a nursery rhyme puzzle nearby. Before you start the puzzle, grab the Crow Doll from the picnic table and interact with the puzzle.

Place the Crow Doll on the Sun drawing. It will spawn the Hammer Charm on the picnic table. Pick up the doll back as you are going to need it for other nursery rhyme puzzles.

2. Nursery Rhyme Puzzle #2

The second Nursery Rhyme Puzzle is located outside of Witchfinder’s Station at the Cauldron Lake. Make your way to the Northwest of the map to reach the Witchfinder’s Station. Go to the first floor of the Witchfinder’s Station and go into the room on the right side to pick up two dolls, Hero Doll and Wolf Doll.

After getting the dolls, go to the nursery rhyme puzzle and place the dolls in the following order.

  • Hero Doll on Boat drawing.
  • Wolf Doll on Tree drawing.

It will spawn the Coffee Mug Charm in the same room from where you collected the dolls. Make sure to pick up both of the dolls before moving on to the next one.

3. Nursery Rhyme Puzzle #3

The third and final Nursery Rhyme Puzzle in Return 2: The Heart can be found outside of the Private Cabin at Cauldron Lake. The Private Cabin is located just south of the Witchfinder’s Station. You need to place all three dolls on the correct drawings to complete the puzzle.

  • Crow Doll on Broken Egg drawing.
  • Hero Doll on Heart drawing.
  • Wolf Doll on House drawing.

It will spawn the Kalevala Knights Charm in the woods right across the private cabin. Go straight from the private cabin and look for the fallen bird house to find the charm.

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