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Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunch Box Locations in Return 2: The Heart



Alan Wake 2: Lunch Box in Return 2: The Heart

There are various collectibles hidden around various areas across Bright Falls, Washington that players can find through exploration. One of the crucial collectibles in Alan Wake 2 is Alex Casey’s Lunch Box which gives a certain number of Manuscript Fragments. Manuscript Fragments are scraps of paper that are strangely required to upgrade weapons in the game so, they play as an act of crucial resource which only happens to be found through finding Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes. You will get to find Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes in all areas but their exact locations might vary with the game’s progression.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting all the locations of Alex Case Lunch Boxes in Return 2: The Heart.

Alex Casey Lunch Box Locations in Return 2: The Heart

Return 2: The Heart is the second chapter of Alan Wake 2 in which you will get to continue the investigation on Robert Nightingale who was murdered at Cauldron Lake. After completing the main objectives of the second chapter, you can do your exploration to find a total of 2 Alex Casey Lunch Boxes in the Cauldron Lake.

1. Lunch Box #1 Location

Make your way to the Northwest side of the map to reach the Witchfinder’s Station and go along the path on the east side to find the lunch box on the left side.

  • Gives 9 Manuscript Fragments

2. Lunch Box #2 Location

Go to the southeast of the Streamside to come across the river. Walk along the river path to reach the end to find the lunch box.

  • Gives 9 Manuscript Fragments

The rest of the Lunch Boxes can also be found during this chapter and if you want to know their locations, check our guide on All Alex Casey Lunch Box Locations in Return 1: Invitation.

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