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Alan Wake 2: How to Get Sawed-Off Shotgun



Alan Wake 2: Sawed-Off Shotgun

Saga Anderson will start with only a Pistol Weapon but as players progress in her story, they will be able to unlock more weapons for her as well as upgrade them. One of the early weapons that you can unlock for her is the Sawed-Off shotgun at the Cauldron Lake.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2.

How to Get Sawed-Off Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Sawed-Off Shotgun can be unlocked at the Cauldron Lake during Return 2: The Heart mission. You will be visiting Cauldron Lake for the second time but this time there will be more locations for you to discover that were locked during Return 1: Invitation. One of the locations that you get to visit during the mission is the General Store. Go inside the general store and kill the Cultist Monster to explore the general store. Make your way to the back room of the general store to find the Sawed-Off Shotgun locked inside a Glass Case.

The Glass Case is protected with a combination lock and you need to find the correct combination to open the glass case to retrieve the Sawed-Off shotgun. To get the code for the Sawed-Off Shotgun, look at the note on the Glass Case to get the hint for the counter. Go to the counter of the General Store and there will be a notepad with multiple combinations written on it. The key point to notice from the combinations is that all the combinations start with 7 and Lotto has updated the code and listed the possible next 2 numbers which are the following.

  • 05
  • 13
  • 17
  • 23
  • 39
  • 45

You can try each one of the combinations starting with 7 but to save your time from testing each combination, the correct combination for the Sawed-Off Shotgun is 739. Entering the correct combination will get you the Sawed-Off Shotgun to fight back the cultist monsters along the journey.

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