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Alan Wake 2: All Alex Casey Lunch Box Locations in Return 1: Invitation



Alan Wake 2: Alex Casey Lunch Box in Return 1

There are various collectibles hidden around various areas across Bright Falls, Washington that players can find through exploration. One of the crucial collectibles in Alan Wake 2 is Alex Casey’s Lunch Box which gives a certain number of Manuscript Fragments. Manuscript Fragments are scraps of paper that are strangely required to upgrade weapons in the game so, they play as an act of crucial resource which only happens to be found through finding Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes. You will get to find Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes in all areas but their exact locations might vary with the game’s progression.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting all the locations of Alex Case Lunch Boxes in Return 1: Invitation.

Alex Casey Lunch Box Locations in Return 1: Invitation

Return 1: Invitation is the first chapter of Alan Wake 2 in which you will get to explore Cauldron Lake and Bright Falls for the murder of Robert Nightingale that took place at Cauldron Lake. Apart from the main objectives of the first chapter, you can do your exploration to find a total of 6 Alex Casey Lunch Boxes from the areas.

Alex Casey Lunch Boxes at Cauldron Lake in Return 1: Invitation

There are 5 Alex Casey’s Lunch Boxes that you can find while visiting the Cauldron Lake for the first time.

1. Lunch Box #1 Location

While coming down from the parking lot to the Crime Scene, you will come across a hiking sign. Go up to the sign and turn left to find the first Alex Casey Lunch Box behind a plant.

  • Gives 2 Manuscript Fragments.

2. Lunch Box #2 Location

Go in the north direction from the General Store to come to a blocked path ahead. The Lunch Box will be placed near the rocks on the left side.

  • Gives 1 Manuscript Fragments

3. Lunch Box #3 Location

Go in the southwest direction from the crime scene to come across a narrow path leading to tents. Look to the left to find the lunch box behind a couple of bushes.

  • Gives 3 Manuscript Fragments

4. Lunch Box #4 Location

Go to the left side of the Witch’s Hut and go over the bridge to reach a small camp site. The Lunch Box will be placed on the right side behind a bush.

  • Gives 1 Manuscript Fragments

5. Lunch Box #5 Location

Complete the crime scene investigation and talk to Deputy Thorton to get the Shortcut Key. Make your way to the locked gate and use the Shortcut Key to start going up the hill. As you reach the second turn, take a left to reach the FBC Monitoring Station. The Lunch Box will be placed on the rock past the station.

  • Gives 2 Manuscript Fragments

Alex Casey Lunch Box at Bright Falls in Return 1: Invitation

You can only find 1 Lunch Box at Bright Falls during Return 1: Invitation.

1. Lunch Box #6 Location

Go to the Bright Falls Park next to the Oh Deer Diner across the road to find the Lunch Box under a tree.

  • Gives 5 Manuscript Fragments

After finding all of the Lunch Boxes during Return 1: Invitation, you will have 14 Manuscript Fragments in total that you can use to get at least 1 Weapon Upgrade of your Pistol.

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