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Alan Wake 2 – Return 1: Invitation Walkthrough



Alan Wake 2 - Return 1: Invitation - Walkthrough

Return 1: Invitation is the first chapter of Alan Wake 2 in which you will take the role of Saga Anderson, an FBI agent who partnered up with another agent named Alex Casey to take a murder case that took place at Cauldron Lake.

In this guide, we’ll be covering Return 1: Invitation of Alan Wake 2.

Return 1: Invitation Walkthrough

Get to The Crime Scene

Upon reaching the Lake Cauldron, interact with the Cauldron Lake’s board to unlock the map of the area. Make your way ahead towards the path to find Deputy Mulligan. Talk to Deputy Mulligan to ask if there were any witnesses and ask him to see the body. Go through the broken fence and as you go ahead, you will be introduced to the Mind Place where you can access the Case Board anytime to conclude the evidence to solve the cases.

Press the designated key relevant to your platform to go into Saga’s Mind Place. Interact with the Case Board to view the previous murder files and take time to read all the valuable information. Once you have gone through each of the evidence on the Case Board, exit the Mind Place and follow Agent Casey to make your way to the General Store to meet with Deputy Thornton. Follow Deputy Thorton to the crime scene.

Investigate the Crime Scene

Go near the body on the table and examine it to get the Key Image of the body lying on the bench. Open the Coarse Board and then press the Up on the D-Pad, and then press the A/X button to place the Key Image on the Coarse Board to start the case of Murder on Cauldron Lake. After placing the Key Image, close the Case Board and gather clues from the body of the victim. There are three clues you need to gather from the body. Examine each prompt on the body to get the clues and then examine the table from the top side to get all the clues from the victim. Now, open the Case Board again and place all three clues gathered from the victim on the ‘Consistent with prev. murders?’ question.

It will solve one question about the case but unlock two more questions, The Victim and The Killer(s). To know about the victim, talk to Deputy Thorton and then to Agent Casey. The victim’s name is Robert Nightingale, a former FBI agent who has been missing for 13 years. Agent Casey knows Robert Nightingale and he will fill you up on some more information about the victim. For the Killers, examine the 2 and 3 markers. The 2 and 3 markers will let you know that there were multiple people around the crime scene.

After gathering the clues, open the Case Board again and place the gathered clues in front of the respective questions. Placing the clues for the Killers will unlock a new question, Premeditated or Spontaneous. Exit the Case Board and examine the No. 4 evidence identification marker to get the clue of beers and a tripod. Open the Case Board again and place the clues to know that the killers were waiting for Nightingale. It will unlock a new question, (Victim came from?) and unlock a new feature called Profiling.

Go to the center table in Saga’s Mind Place and interact with Robert Nightingale’s file to start profiling. There will be two terms to profile at this point, Missing Person and Ritual Murder. Profile both of the terms and the Missing Person term will give you the answer of Nightingale coming from the lake before the murder. Exit the mind place and go to the lakeshore with Agent Casey. As you reach the lakeshore, you will reach a giant tree blocking the path. Examine the tree to find a clue of barefoot tracks and a piece of paper (Manuscript).

Watch the brief cutscene and then open the case board to place the barefoot tracks and the trail clues on the board. It will unlock a new question, (Anything else here…?). Go to the profiling desk to profile a new term, The Page to learn about something inside Nightingale’s body. Place the clue on the board and then make your way back to the crime scene. Talk to Deputy Thorton to tell him to send the body to the town for examination. Deputy Thorton will give you the shortcut key to the gate leading to the parking lot.

Take the key and follow Agent Casey to the gate. Use the key to open the gate and go up the hill to reach the parking lot. Interact with the car to go to Bright Falls.

NOTE: There are 5 Lunch Boxes in Cauldron Lake that you can find via exploration to get Manuscript Fragments and unlock a locked chest near the murder site to gain extra ammo and a Trauma Pad.

Bright Falls

Once you are at Bright Falls, make your way to the Oh Deer Diner to meet with Sheriff Tim Breaker. After talking to Tim, go inside the Diner and talk to the Bookers. Talking to the Bookers will give you a couple of more clues and their profiles. Go into the Mind Place and walk to the Profiling desk to profile the Bookers. Profile both terms, The Cult of the Tree and Caudron Lake. The Cult of the Tree allows you to learn that Tammy found a necklace. Talk to the bookers again to get the necklace and then watch a brief cutscene.

NOTE: There is 1 Lunch Box to get Manuscript Fragments at this point in Bright Falls that you can get before going with Sheriff to Sheriff’s Station.

Examine Nightingale’s Body

Go out of the Diner and follow the Sheriff to reach the Sheriff’s Station. Make your way down to the morgue’s examination room. Examine Nightingale’s body again and gather clues. Open the Case Board and place a new Key Image to start Nightingale’s Case. Place all the found evidence in the file. Exit from the mind place and interact with Nightingale’s body to pull out another Manuscript.

Watch the cutscene and prepare for a brief fight. Run into the light in the room and let Nightingale make its way out of the room. Once he has gone out of the room, run through the exit door to find your gun at the end of the hallway. Aim and Shoot at Nightingale and watch him vanish in front of your eyes, concluding the first chapter.

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