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Cities: Skylines II – How to Build Roundabouts



Cities: Skylines II - Roundabouts

Cities: Skylines II offers complete freedom to players to build their dream city using all sorts of zones, roads, landmarks, and much more. Building the dream city is highly dependent on the map that players choose as each map has its terrain size and some maps can provide a big area where unique roads can be built to allow the inhabitants to enjoy the aesthetics of the city. One of the roads that can be built anywhere in the city while completing its requirements is a Roundabout.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build Roundabouts in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Build Roundabouts in Cities: Skylines II

The Roundabouts are used to convert regular intersections into roundabouts allowing inhabitants to freely take the next turn or go straight without needing to be stopped at the traffic light. It certainly increases the happiness of daily workers living in the city as it can decrease their time for reaching the workplace. However, there are some requirements to be fulfilled before you get to build a roundabout anywhere in the city. Follow the following steps to build a roundabout in Cities: Skylines II.

  • Roundabouts can only be placed at the intersection of two roads in the center so, you will first have to build two roads of the same type intersecting each other in the center.
  • After building the roads, select the road from the bar again and select ‘Roundabouts’. Roundabouts also have the same types as the basic roads, Small, Medium, Large, and Very Large. Make sure to select the same type of roundabout as the roads where you want to build the roundabout because the number of lanes on roundabouts depends on the number of lanes on the road.
  • After selecting the appropriate roundabout type, press the LMB to place the roundabout in the middle.
  • Exit the menu to apply the changes.

If the roads are not of the same type, the roundabout cannot be built in the middle for which you will have to demolish the road and build it again. Building a smaller roundabout on the large road type will slow down the flow of traffic and might even cause an accident due to the high speed limit on the roads and the slow speed limit on the roundabout so, make sure you are placing the correct type of roundabout.

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