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Cities: Skylines II – How to Change Tax Rate



Cities: Skylines II - Tax Rate

Building Your Dream City in Cities: Skylines II is based on several aspects as all of them are equally important not only for the inhabitants to stay and keep them happy but also for earning profit in return to keep working on the betterment of the city. As building a city is no cheap business, you must keep a substantial way to earn money every month. One of the generic ways to earn money every month is due to taxes and if you think you should pull in some more money, then you can change the tax rate for every industry working in your city.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change tax rates in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Change Tax Rate in Cities: Skylines II

Keeping the overall budget of the city in profit is extremely important for the success of your city but it does not give you profit every month as early development of the city can put you at a loss for a few months. However, once you have built all the required infrastructures, and provided the citizens with every need, you will be able to manage your income in any way you like. The best way to get most of your earnings is through taxation. To change the tax rate for the industries working in the city, follow the following steps.

  • Select the City Economy from the main bar on the right side of the screen to view the overall budget and monthly expenses and earnings.
  • Change the tab to Taxation to view all the industry types working and living in the city.
  • Every industry type will be set to the default tax rate percentage and you can change it by moving the sliders. The maximum tax rate is 30% and the lowest tax rate is -10%.
  • Each industry type has its slider so if you want to increase the tax rate by a certain percentage, move and set all of the sliders to that percentage.
  • You can also decrease the tax for any industry you want in the same way by moving the slider.

There are four industry types on which the taxation is applicable and each industry type has its sub-types that can be viewed by selecting the arrow. You have the freedom to increase/decrease the tax for any individual sub-type of the industry if you want to gain more earnings. To earn more profits, you can increase the tax for every sub-type almost to the point where they are giving you a few thousand credits every month.

However, increasing the taxation can also affect the happiness of the citizens and make them leave your city so, be aware of the mood of your citizens and decrease the tax rate for any individual sub-type who is unhappy due to increase in tax.

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