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Cities: Skylines II – How to Unlock Milestones Quickly, Quick Level-Up Method

Cities: Skylines II Milestones



Building your successful dream city in Cities: Skylines II will cost you a lot of money as there are various necessities to be fulfilled to keep the inhabitants staying and let more inhabitants come to your city. The more inhabitants you pull in, the more profit you make to keep improving your city and build more facilities for the inhabitants to increase their happiness. However, most of the useful infrastructures and city services are locked behind milestones that players need to unlock to utilize them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Milestones quickly in Cities: Skylines II.

How to Unlock Milestones Quickly in Cities: Skylines II

Milestones are unlocked by earning XP and allow access to various city services, policies, and management options along with rewarding credits and development points. As you fulfill the necessities of the citizens and build your city, you will earn XP that will help you reach the threshold for unlocking the Milestone. Not every infrastructure gives a large amount of XP which can take you some time before you unlock the next Milestone. However, there is one infrastructure that can help you earn 500 XP on each build, allowing you to reach the threshold for the next milestone in a few builds.

The infrastructure you need to build to level up and reach the next milestone in every few builds is the Overground Parking Building. It is one of the Parking types found under the road tab and it does cost a lot of credits but don’t worry as you will gain more due to reaching Milestones and demolishing the parking buildings after leveling up.

Simply select the Overground Parking Building and start building it anywhere in your city region. As you reach new milestones and earn more money, start demolishing the parking buildings to earn back some of the money and then reinvest credits to unlock new milestones. Keep repeating it until you have reached the maximum level of milestones.

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