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Alan Wake 2: How to Unlock Murder Site Locked Chest



Alan Wake 2: Locked Chest

There are various items and collectibles hidden around the areas that you will get to visit in Alan Wake 2. Collecting these items and collectibles will expand your horizons overall and even provide upgrades for your weapons. However, not every item can be obtained easily as most of them are tied to a puzzle. One of the earliest puzzles that you can solve is unlocking the chest near the Murder Site at Cauldron Lake to get useful items for the journey ahead.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Murder Site locked chest in Alan Wake 2.

How to Unlock Murder Site Locked Chest in Alan Wake 2

The Murder Site Locked Chest is located beside the Murder Site which you will visit in the Return 1: Invitation. If you go to the path on the right side of the murder site, you will come across a small hut and a locked chest placed in front of the hut. To unlock the locked chest, follow the following steps.

  • Interact with the locked chest and read the hint note. The note will highlight three POIs, Wash Hands, Fridge, and Nap.
  • Go inside the hut, open the flashlight, and go to the right side to come across the bathroom. Use the flashlight to look over the sink to find a symbol, and remember/note it.
  • Look to the left side to find a fridge and note the symbol on the right side of the fridge.
  • Go to the end room on the left side and note the symbol beside the floor mattress.
  • Now, come out of the hut interact with the lock of the locked chest, and insert the correct symbols in the correct order to unlock the chest.

Correct symbols order will be the following.

  • Up triangle and Down triangle Side by Side with edges inside one another.
  • Down triangle and Up triangle upon one another.
  • Right side triangle and Left side triangle side by side.

Unlocking the locked chest will grant you with extra Ammo and a Trauma Pad for healing.

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