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Alan Wake 2: All Cult Chests in Return 2: The Heart



Alan Wake 2: Cult Chest in Return 2

The cultists are the main enemy types in Alan Wake 2 who take a lot more than just bullets to go down due to dark substances on their bodies. Players have to use a flashlight and flares to get rid of the dark substance to shoot the cultists consuming more supplies than just bullets. That is why supplies are crucial in Alan Wake 2 especially, for survival as enemies don’t drop any kind of supplies. However, there is a way to find a decent number of supplies to your arsenal and that is through finding and opening the Cult Chests. The cult chests are scattered around the areas that you will get to explore as you progress in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the cult chests that you can find in Return 2: The Heart mission in Alan Wake 2.

All Cult Chests in Return 2: The Heart

Cult Chests drops various weapons ammo, flares, batteries, healing items, and much more increasing your survival chances throughout the chapter. It is best to explore the area that you are visiting for the chapter to find all the possible cult chests to get the maximum number of supplies. There are 3 cult chests that you will be able to find during Return 2: The Heart and each chest will require a unique solution to be unlocked.

1. Cult Chest #1

The first cult chest can be found on the beach after completing Return 2: The Heart’s main objectives. Make your way to the southwest side of the map to come across the blocked path on the beach a cult chest beside it. Interact with the chest and the lock will play a 3-digit pattern. Select the pattern in the same way to unlock the chest. You will get an inventory satchel from this chest as well.

2. Cult Chest #2

The second cult chest can be found as you are making your way towards the Witchfinder’s Station from the Witch’s Ladle area. You will be able to cross to the Witchfinder’s Station area after completing the Return 2: The Heart mission. Go into the corner before accessing the bridge and the chest will require a key. Flash the light on the tree to see yellow symbols and follow them to find the Streamside Stash Key on the rock. Go back to the stash to use the key to unlock the cult chest.

3. Cult Chest #3

The third and final cult chest can be found below the Private Cabin. Private Cabin is located south of the Witchfinder’s Station and if you take the path leading to the river and turn right just after crossing the Private Cabin, you will see the cult chest. The cult chest requires a 3-digit combination that can be found by adding the numbers highlighted on the rocks and trees nearby. The correct code for the cult chest is 658.

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