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How to restore the God Tree Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits



How to restore the God Tree Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits

We tell you how you can restore the God Tree Sanctuary in Kena Bridge of Spirits step by step so that you can continue advancing in the story without problems.

If you are enjoying Kena Bridge of Spirits on PS5, PS4, or PC, surely you are exploring the beautiful world that Ember Lab has created. The campaign for this title invites us to explore forests and careful landscapes with the intention of freeing the world from corruption.

As we advance in the story we will have to complete the main mission called “Taro’s Love”, which will take us to a new location, the Forgotten Forest. This quest can be overcome by restoring four corrupted shrines.

How to restore the God Tree Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits

The other day we already gave you the solution on how to activate the fishing sanctuary and today we offer you the last and possibly the one that is causing the most problems for players: the God Tree Sanctuary. Inside guide.

The location of this shrine will be marked on your map as part of the mission, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, the challenge lies in reaching the top of this sanctuary located, surprise, surprise … in a gigantic tree.

The first thing you should do is stand at the base of the tree and locate a blue flower with which you can ascend to the next platform. Once you’ve done that, turn around so you can continue climbing.

Once that step is completed, continue climbing and slanting from ledge to ledge until you see a blue flower on the other side of the tree. Here you will see a wooden elevator. Keep climbing until you find a blue flower again. The result is the same as before, keep climbing and you will reach your goal.

At the top of the Sanctuary, a group of corrupt enemies awaits you that you will have to defeat to complete the mission that Rosu has given you.

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